Surprise watermelon

I knew that the Moon and Stars heirloom watermelon was vining everywhere; I didn’t know that we had fruit!   This beauty was hiding under the table.  I think the shade helped it along in our heat wave.  I am getting ready to go pick it now and chill it.  (At least we have something growing besides weeds!)

I have seen some very interesting watermelon salad recipes that I can’t wait to try with this home-grown beauty.

Check out some of these recipes:

These are all great blogs and bloggers and I hope you check them out!

(Sorry about the wimpy post but remodeling is still going on!!!  I hope this weekend to modify my Blackberry Rita recipe for a Watermelon Rita version.  Stay tuned.)



9 comments to Surprise watermelon

  • Thanks for including my recipe in your post. Enjoy your homegrown beauty!

  • Liz

    Oooh, what a wonderful find! One perfect melon! Thanks for the mention (and I ALWAYS find it flattering to be featured in a friend’s blog!). Can’t wait to see your watermelon-rita….mmmmmm.

  • Wow, that’s a lovely surprise find!
    Can’t wait to hear how it tastes 🙂

  • Watermelon Rita sounds fantastic! 🙂

  • Eliot, congrats on being able to grow anything- even weeds much less a juicy watermelon! We live in the dessert so I envy all that green bush and that watermelon. What else are you planning to grow, or it this the end of growing season for you? I am very inspired to try some indoor potted herbs this season. This post reminds me that I better start looking to buy pots and gathering seeds. Thanks for sharing your bounty.

    • Eliot

      Hey Chef and Steward–
      We are hoping for a mild fall, but who knows here. I will keep my fingers crossed. Good luck with your herbs.

  • Ann

    Okay, that is SO cool! You have your own watermelon?! I LOVE it! I think chilled and served plain (for the first day) would be perfect…then it looks like you have a terrific round-up! Congratulations!