My Mother’s Garden

My mom called the other day.   “Oh, by the way, I’m on YouTube.”


I never know what adventure she is currently undertaking.

Her garden was featured on a local sustainable garden tour and a she starred in a short video.

She’s is my idol.    She is living her dream.    She has moved away from her home of thirty-plus years to be closer to her boys (grand babies), traveled to exotic places, become a Master Gardener, taken up pottery, made a new life and new friends, and helped create a blissful garden oasis in northern Iowa.

Last August,  I highlighted some of the produce that she shared with us in “Hitting the Mother Lode.”

Now I would like to highlight the incredible harvest she had this season.

This short video was shot in the gardens that she and my brother-in-law created.

They must have incredible soil in Iowa and mom must have an incredible green thumb!    I mean, holy cannoli, this tomato is as big as my nephew’s head!

They grow 'em big in Iowa.

She is instilling the love of gardening on both boys too.   Here is my other nephew’s own Fairy Garden that he created himself.

He made a tepee for his elves, gnomes, and fairies.

Here’s to mom, her garden, and her love of life.   I can’t wait for the next phone call to find out what she is doing next.   Hopefully it will be coming to visit us!


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