Christmas Gifts Revisited (or why homemade is best!)

I know that I am a Scrooge for writing this post.  

I know that the Spirit of Bad Christmas Gifts Past is going to haunt me.   But, I need to get this off my chest.   Please bear with me.

Part of our family follows the no gift rule for adults.

Part of our family subscribes to homemade gifts only.

Part of the family still buys gifts.

Which section of the family do I enjoy the most at Christmas?   I have to be honest and say it is the homemade and non-gifters.  I’m just saying.

And, since the only family that knows that I blog is my hubby (as far as I know), I have to share about some Christmas presents that we received.   Be forewarned:   the remainder of the post will appear snarky, unappreciative, and perhaps downright rude.   (Notice:   I have omitted the names to protect the innocent gift givers.)

Surprise #1:  What the heck were they thinking?   Yes, I drink a lot of tea, but seriously?

Seriously, this is one scary pig.

Surprise #2:  The same person who gave us this tea pot actually re-gifted a set of towels that we had given her last year.   (Really—I am not making this stuff up.)

Surprise #3:  Someone on the same side of the family gave us a matching set of Redneck Wine Glasses.

It’s the thought that counts, right?

We are wondering what their perception of us really is?   It has us concerned.

Hand wash—just like fine crystal.

I have tried in the past to promote the no gift idea and even the homemade idea with this bunch but to no avail.   If anyone has a solution and suggestions, please let me know.

The sunny-side of this predicament?   We have dirty Santa gifts for next year’s round of parties.  (Yes, I will be the first to admit it—I am regifting this stuff.)

(I fully realize I am going to Hell for writing this post.   I am working on repenting now.)

Thanks for listening—I do feel better.

And, you’re not going to believe this.   My best friend just texted me and she got a set of Red Neck Wine glasses from a wayward relative as well.   We are planning a Red Neck Wine tasting right now!

I implore everyone who thinks they need to give gifts to simply give gifts to rethink this belief.   Try out the homemade approach.   Bake it, stitch it, paint it, throw it (as in pottery—lol), build it, craft it, can it, preserve it, brew it, distill it—let your imagination go.   It is a great project to keep at all year.   As stated in my last post, I am already compiling a list.

I had a lot more fun thinking up and making Gifts from the Kitchen than I did shopping online or out in the mayhem, I can certainly assure you of that!

I know that your giftee will appreciate it!

Please revisit last year’s post about Christmas gifts where I do sound like an appreciative person.

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7 comments to Christmas Gifts Revisited (or why homemade is best!)

  • LOL, maybe it was your stated awareness that you weren’t being gracious that made it seem like, in light of the gifts you received, you WERE being gracious! 🙂 Those were pretty hiliarous! I actually just found out about those wine glasses a couple weeks ago and swear, I thought they were so coolly uncool that I almost bought them impulsively before I got ahold of myself and closed the Amazon window before I ended up with something I’d never use. Our family buys most of the presents, although I do gift my baked goods too, but we make sure to buy things the person will want/need and use.

    • Eliot

      I think I will like them better after our Redneck Wine Tasting! I love your take on my graciousness! 🙂 I guess, like you, I really put a lot of thoughts into the exact right gift for each person.

  • Thanks for your comment. It was actually an article in a magazine about Christmas in Santa Fe that inspired our meal! I look forward to hearing about your trip there!!

  • So, I can guess what you’ll be giving away at the next white elephant gift party you go too? I say you box the pig up, use the towels as wrapping paper and give it back to the same relative next year (of course I know you’d never do it). Honestly I would prefer homemade gifts, especially if I’m only going to get some thing that will just collect dust. BTW, the wine glasses are kind of cool, I could see packing them in a picnic basket pre-filled with a drink of your choice since they come with a lid. Or how about a salad in a jar? You could put a little trifle in them for that elegant redneck dessert? Or…stop me now….

    • Eliot

      OK—you now have me rethinking the wine glasses for Dirty Santa parties in 2012! That is a great idea—putting wine in them for a picnic, salad, etc. You have given me a new appreciation for the glasses! 🙂

  • Aimee @ chickenville

    Aaaaaggghh! I’m cracking up because we got some of those awful glasses. Only I can top yours because mine are homemade with red and green pom poms between the candlestick and the jar! Now tell me, what am I supposed to do with those? Course my Aunt reads my blog so I could never get away with your snarkiness (which I love). You make me laugh!