Coffee Houses

Confession time again.

I did not regularly (and eagerly) drink coffee until about two years ago.  In fact, I did not drink coffee at all.

I was a hot tea drinker from way back (nurtured by my mother who is still coffee-free to this day) and we are talking old-school tea drinking—Orange Pekoe, English Breakfast, Constant Comment.   But about fifteen years ago, I heard about this new exotic drink called Chai that was all the rage.   I fell in love.

Then one morning as we were grabbing a hot drink before we browsed the Farmer’s Market, I noticed the board had a Dirty Chai on it.

“What is that?” I asked.    “Sure, add an espresso shot!”

The rest is history.

Most everything I order now has an extra shot (of espresso only ).  🙂

I have not gotten a taste for black coffee and doubt I ever will.   I will drink plain coffee after dinner with dessert if we are dining out but I have to have the cream (and a really sweet dessert).

My coffee drinks have to be of the frou-frou variety:   Caramel Machiatos, Vanilla Lattes, and even Extra Dirty Chais.  (I have heard people refer to a Chai with a double-shot as  “Nasty Chai” but I won’t go there!)

And, I love to have these drinks at  locally owned and operated coffee houses.

Don’t get me wrong—I do have a lot of coffee drinks (and iced green tea) at Starbuck’s.  It is the only frou-frou coffee place in our town.

But if I go to the BIG CITY,  there is a host of great, funky and more importantly,  locally owned places.   (Hate to sound like PW here, but her BIG CITY and my BIG CITY are the same.)
Here is a list of funky coffee houses in Tulsa:

These are our local favorites, and when we travel we always try to find a non-chain place so we can pick up on the local color of the city or town—even if it is the local donut shop and not a hipster “coffee house.”


Final confession of the post:

But, who am I kidding.   If I get up early enough to run and get a frou-frou coffee before work, I add and add to it all day with regular coffee from the lounge.   By 10:00 I am pretty much drinking the black stuff straight.


15 comments to Coffee Houses

  • At home, I have a Keurig and I have to have one specific kind (caramel vanilla).

    At Starbuck’s, I’m a skinny vanilla cafe frappuccino gal.

    I won’t go near black coffee with a ten-foot pole. Makes my eyes pop out.

    In general though, I have such nervous energy anyways, that drinking the stuff gives me the shakes. LOL!

    My wife, though, cannot speak and form coherent thoughts before at least two cups of black. 😉

  • I love my coffee. Having some now. The darker and stronger the better. I like you better than PW…

  • I actually hate coffee but according to everyone as soon as I hit uni I will also be a caffeine girl!
    Guess we will have to see 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  • They purchased a Keurig at work and someone brought in Chi tea that they didn’t like. I drank all of it and now I cant find it. I love Starbucks tall skinny vanilla latte. If I was hooked up to a coffee IV, it still wouldn’t be enough. I think a great cup of coffee is a wonderful thing.

    • Eliot

      I will be so glad for some time during Spring Break that I can really respond to your comments in kind!

      But for now, here it is:

      Jen: Keurigs fascinate me but we use a French press at home that is just perfect for the two of us. I will whip up a cup o’chai and add coffee to it for my own dirty concoction. I think I am getting to the point that I HAVE to have caffeine in the morning to function!

      Chef Connie: You don’t know how big I am smiling right now b/c of your PW comment! 🙂 🙂 🙂 THANKS!

      Choc Chip Uru: I made it through college without coffee but I did drink a TON of diet Coke. 🙂

      Veronica: Try a dirty Chai. I think you will LOVE IT!!!! A cup is a great thing, but I love all the characters (behind the counter and in front of the counter) at a diverse coffee house!

      Everyone have a great weekend!!!!!

  • Can you believe that I like coffee flavored coffee? Truthfully I’m a slug in the morning, I’m so glad McGyver bought me a Latte maker! No going out for me.

    I am a sucker for a good chai though, I’ll have to try a nasty/dirty one.

  • I am a morning coffee person and it has to be frou frou! However, I never drink it after 10 am. Rules I know, but I move on to other drinks by that time without caffeine. It has been ages since I have actually been to a coffee shop, so I am sure there are some new coffee creations I have not tried. Have a great weekend.

  • I drink tea only; but lots of it, and in every variety…I order way too much from online tea sites…rotating which one every so often.

    My husband and daughter, on the other hand, are coffee fiends…he will drink only “pure” coffee as he puts it – no sissy flavors for him — and she keeps Starbucks in business…

    We have a Keuring in the house, that only he uses, and she has one in her dorm room. I can’t complain, because I have my assortment of tea gadgets and teapots.

  • I forgot to add, that I love chai teas, but I was not aware that there is a “chai” coffee!

    • Eliot

      Looks like we have a lot of caffeine addicts out there! 🙂 And, it sounds like everyone needs a shot in the morning! 🙂 Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • Ann

    What a fun post! I’m a frou-frou coffee drinker or I enjoy a latte, but ONLY at night and after a nice dinner. Most days, I don’t drink coffee…but I do like it!

  • That grumpy old man crackled me UP! hahahahaha! I drink coffee on weekends only, because that’s when I get a lot less sleep and really need it to power through (I work most weekends but start several hours earlier than during the week, which unfortunately I can not adapt to and just get about half as much sleep.). I used to drink it daily but started drinking lemon water before breakfast and now it’s harder to fit in-lol. I also started drinking green tea. I love coffee, but I have to sweeten it too unless I’m having it with something sweet like a doughnut or dessert. I love mixing in sweetened condensed milk!!! But I’ve never had a dirty chai, might have to try that.

    • Eliot

      You really need to check out the eeCards website. They are hilarious. I found them after visiting Leftovers for Lunch’s site.

  • Dan

    Hilarious. I can no longer drink caffeine, however, I pretend and enjoy a decaf when I can.

    From what I’ve been reading, it seems that Starbucks, Second Cup and Timothy’s (the latter two in Canada) have led the charge in the rise of independent coffee houses and premium coffee drinks. It’s actually quite a story.


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