Finding the unexpected

Yes, The Hubs is already mowing the yard.   Don’t get me wrong; I love this weather.   But, it does make me fearful for the summer.   I mean, what’s the catch?

Anyway, he came in after the last time he mowed and said he thought he smelled onions under the maple tree.   I immediately told him he was wrong.    He was mistaking the daffodils for onions.    He retorted that he knew what an onion smelled like which forced me to the maple tree to see for myself.

What did I find?   Wild onions.

Wild onions under the maple tree.

Where in the world did they come from?   Probably the same place as all the mulberry trees growing and overtaking our fence line.   Thank you, little birds.

Could we eat them?    Were there any recipes out there?    I knew that people did forage for wild onions.    Numerous Native American tribes in this area always have spring “Wild Onion Dinners.”

As we set on the patio and The Hubs repeatedly told me he was right, I grabbed the iPad and started googling foraging online.   (I was still unsure that they were wild onions, even after he pulled one and ate it whole.   I wanted to check it out online to make sure he didn’t just ingest a poisonous flower bulb.)

One of the first sites that popped up was Foy Update.   I have followed this site for a while so I thought it was ironic that Foy’s site was first up.   Her post from 2010, Wild Onions—Collecting, Gathering, and Inspiration was truly an inspiration for me.   Not only did the pictures on her site look exactly like what Hubs had devoured, there was was much information and many ideas on uses.    (Please check out her  post  for I am not going into all the details of foraging here.)

Our "mess" of wild onions.

Foy (and those oh-so thoughtful wild birds that made this all possible) has inspired me.    I see  some sort of tart or quiche in our future as well as some fantastic rosemary-wild onion bread.    And, I would love to tempura some of these little beauties.

I love finding the unexpected.

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