Nominations and Blog Love

Wow—two posts in two days.   It is a miracle.

If had not been for my food club posts (SRC, HRC, CTB, and Food n’ Flix), I would not have posted anything past May 11.   Thanks for everyone who kept with me and kept commenting even though I was totally ignoring you.

During all this drama (or percieved drama), C.J. from Food Stories was so kind and thoughtful and nominated me for a Food Story Award.

It was only today that I was able to get down to business and thank her!      Really, C.J., I hope you didn’t think I was rude and ungrateful.   I truly appreciate it!

Part of the requirements for this award is to leave one random thought about yourself and nominate five other bloggers that you read on a regular basis.

Here goes.

Random fact:   Was I absolutely crazy to take a fast-track graduate level course that met every night from 5:00-10:00 p.m. and started meeting the last week of school?   Absolutely.   I am crazy.   Certifiably.   (Hence the need for a short hiatus.)    The good news?   It is over!

Five fabulous foodie friends for Food Story Nominations:

Veronica’s Cornucopia

Sugarfoot Eats

Mind Over Batter

Cucina 49

Life in the Slow Lane at Squirrel Head Manor

C.J was also kind enough to nominate me for a versatile blogger award way back on May 10 right before things got chaotic.    Thanks again, C.J.   I really am appreciative!  Part of the versatile blogger award is to pass it along (which I am doing to the same great bloggers mentioned above) and tell your nominator seven crazy things about yourself.    Luckily, I have a surplus of crazy things:

  1. I was crazy enough to attempt a full graduate level course in 8 days meeting from 5:00-10:00.   (And, did I mention this started the last week of school when I already had three night functions including graduation!  Wait, yes, I did already mention that.)
  2. I “met” Bruce Jenner once (prior to the Kardashian phase).
  3. I “met” Dennis Hopper once.   (Both of these meetings were backstage at a Farm Aid event in Dallas/Ft. Worth circa 1992.
  4. I got both their autographs but I kind of shoved Bruce out of the way once I figured out it was REALLY Dennis Hopper.
  5. I met Anthony Bourdain after paying a huge sum for VIP tickets to one of his readings.   (Well worth it I might add.)
  6. My very first concert was to see Rick Springfield in 1984.   One of my friends scored front row seats and snapped this pic:

    Yes, these are Rick's buns. I have written on the back of this photo "The highlight of my senior year!" Really? (I wish I had those boots, though.)

  7. Note to self:   Make sure The Hubs knows that you have been grinding chipotles in the the coffee grinder before he makes coffee the next morning.   Got to buy a separate grinder for spices!   🙂   (Stay tuned for a spice rub that uses ground chipotles!)

Thanks again for all the blog love!

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