The new addition

We apparently have a blinking flashing strobe light on the top of our house.

It must be a signal to all wayward critters:   “Here, here lives animal lovers.   Here, here there are suckers that will feed you if you look cute.   Here, here is a good home.”

In my next life, I want to return as one of our pets.

Eliot showed up literally on our doorstep about five years ago.    We were sitting in the living room one night and we had been hearing an odd chirping sound for most of the evening.   We thought it was a bird.   Around nine o’clock, the “chirping” got more intense and louder which led us to the front door.   There, sitting on top of one of our large planters, was Eliot.    She was so tiny and so scared and she took to us instantly.

She was so tame and loving that I just knew there had to be a family missing her.

I called around.

I even called area vets and shelters to leave a description of Eliot.

Finally, one receptionist took pity on me and broke the news to me:   “Honey, this is the time of year that people dump off litters.”

We had a new pet.

That was five years ago.   Eliot is the queen of the castle, the spoiled child, the lone pet in the household.

Miss Eliot in all her splendor.


Fast forward to this summer.

I again thought I heard some mewing sounds outside during the evenings.

One day at the garden, a skinny,  scrawny, ugly, half-grown cat found me and started rubbing against my ankles.

Enter Izzy.

There is no PhotoShopping here. The line does go right down the middle of her face.

Eliot isn’t happy.

“Did I ask for a little sister?”   Not a happy camper.

Neither is Izzy.

They hate each other.

Eliot remains the queen of the house and Izzy has taken up residence in the detached garage/shop.

At this point, I am hoping for simple toleration out of the both of them.

We are now a two cat family (and we swore we were not cat-people)!  🙂

19 comments to The new addition

  • They always adopt you, don’t they? Our old cat Hextall showed up and did the same….he stayed and gave 14 great years.
    You are a good person 🙂

  • LOL Poor Eliot. Izzy looks so adorable.
    My Ella also doesn’t like our new comer Coco, even after 2 years, she still doesn’t accept Coco.

  • Izzy is gorgeous … Hope the two can work it out 🙂

  • I’d have a house full of cats if I was given the option. In fact, I just turned down a potential second cat that a friend needs to get rid of. It was either that or go help Hubby pack his bags because he swore he’d leave if took in another cat. 🙂

    It’s a bummer that Izzy couldn’t have been a boy. That would have helped the getting-along thing. Izzy’s coloring is very cool and very unique, but make sure Eliot knows that I’m a tabby freak and she rules in my book.

    • I really wanted a Jack Russell terrier. That would just be too crazy at this point!!!!!! (I will let Eliot know you are a tabby fan!)

  • I live out in the country and used to run a farm. People are always dropping cats or dogs off here. I feel for them but, can’t keep everyone of them. Izzy is precious, as well as Eliot, I’m glad you gave her a home 🙂 The line down her face is really cool.

  • Awwww what a cutie, so sweet of you to welcome her!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • She is pretty darn cute (even though I stated she was scrawny and ugly earlier). It is amazing how much better her coat looks with the proper nutrition.

  • Debra – I love scrawny little Izzy! What a sweetheart. Although, I can’t say I’m surprised that Eliot is less than pleased.

  • A new member, no wonder Eliot is jealous. Sharing your attention, even though cats seem to protest it, must be a big change. What an adorable kitty. I’m sure Eliot will adjust…in time. What a lucky kitty to have found you.

  • So, we now have four cats. Lilly was here first, when Tooter came up all scrawny and starving on the front porch, just like Eliot. Then Teaser got stuck under the house (a tiny baby) and we brought her in. Then Snooty Sue (your Izzy) came and rubbed my ankles on the front porch so here she is. Lilly is the queen, and she tolerates everyone, Tooter is sweet and loves everyone, Teaser is a brat and instagates, and Snooty Sue can’t understand why we didn’t get rid of all of the other cats when she took residence…she even hates most people.

    Ahhhhh, life.

    • Wow—you do have a house full. I love your names. The Hubs recently broke up a fight between Eliot and ANOTHER yellow cat. We are not feeding that one! 🙂

  • Awww! I love that you take in strays, that shows what a good heart you have. I loved reading your story about Eliot & her expression is hilarious regarding Izzy! Izzy is so ugly she’s cute-lol. I hope they learn to get along!

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