More Christmas Gifts


Forgive me.

I have not been in the kitchen all week.

I am hoping that my name wasn’t up on the board to bring holiday treats tomorrow.

It ain’t happenin’.

I have just not felt like cooking much lately.    Work has been über stressful.

Enough said.

I am waiting for Christmas break and I did get some Christmas gifting and shopping done this weekend.

  • The Hubs and I spent all morning in the garage today making some super cool suet bird feeders.  (More about that later.)
  • I think we have all the Christmas presents either bought, thought out, or made.
  • I have two boxes that need shipped this week to the nieces and nephews.

I think we are almost done.

A while back, I mentioned using a quart-size paint can to package a cheese-ball kit.    Well, wouldn’t you know it?   An 8-oz. pineapple can is too big to fit in.   Doh!

But, you can stuff a lot of cool stuff in a gallon-sized can!

Like cool art supplies.

And, some really cool magnets can be stuck on these metal cans.

I hope the nieces will like their art kits!

Now, the only thing we have left to stick in this box to ship is a gift for their dog, Pete.    I bet I could stick some delicious doggie-treats in that quart-sized can.

What do you think?

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