Mango-Chai Yogurt Pops


It is time again for a Food ‘n Flix, movie inspired post.    Food ‘n Flix is  a group of bloggers who like to find inspiration from the movies.   It can be a totally food centered movie like Julie & Julia or a documentary like Jiro Dreams of Sushi.     It matters not; we will find culinary inspiration in almost any film.

Heather from Girlichef is hosting this month’s Food ‘n Flix feature, Monsoon Wedding.


Thanks, Heather, for a great pick.

As I watched the frantic father-of-the-bride rush around to make things perfect and as I watched an extended family converge on the home, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the opening few minutes of Steel Magnolias.

Family is family…no matter what continent one is on.    Family will aggravate and  terrorize.   Family will support and love.

monsoon family

All families are dysfunctional… it is just the degree of dysfunctionality that one could argue.

I enjoyed this film of a father trying to make the perfect day for his little girl while trying to keep his family together, welcome a new son-in-law, and keep up traditions.    It is also about a daughter, perhaps caught between tradition and the modern, who must break ties with her past.

Some of the most poignant scenes come from the wedding planner and the maid.

Dubey and Alice find their own destiny in all this chaos.    As Dubey, the marigold chomping wedding planner,  says, “Life is such a comedy.”    Not long after that, he also calls himself  a supreme a**hole or something to that effect.   Dubey (coupled with  the father-of-the-bride) becomes the comic relief in this film.

Some of the most dramatic scenes involve  the character Ria Vermai, a close cousin, as she tries to deal with secrets involving an abusive uncle while trying to protect a young relative from reliving her suffering.

My inspiration for this recipe, however, came from Aditi, the conflicted bride.    She uses an excuse of getting a popsicle as she tries to contact her ex-lover, a married man.   Later in the film, she confesses her sins to her future husband, Hemant, over chai.

What better creation than a chai popsicle?

Mango-Chai Yogurt Pops

1 1/3 c.  plain non-fat Greek yogurt
1/3  c. honey
4 oz. frozen mangoes (or one small fresh mango peeled, pitted and chopped)
1/4 c. chai tea (Use ¼ boiling water and one chai tea bag and let steep.   Cool.)

Place all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth.  (I did leave a few frozen mango chunks.)

This concoction makes about 16 oz. (depending on the size of your mango if using fresh).    That is perfect for my small popsicle molds.

Freeze and eat.


Before freezing these, I thought I might need to add more cardamom and cinnamon to the mix next time.    Not so.   These are delicious and after they sat in the freezer a while, the chai flavor became more infused.    I really cannot tell you how delicious these are.    The mango and the honey and the chai spiciness work well together.

food n flix

I couldn’t leave without one more morsel from Dubey:  “The Peacocks are not dancing, it will not rain.”


I am also linking this to Heather’s Summer of the Popsicle 2.

Summer of the Popsicle 2

Can I make a confession?   I have been eating popsicles for breakfast.   Thanks, Heather!  🙂


Please join Food ‘n Flix for the August feature:   When Harry Met Sally hosted by Caroline Makes.      I for one am excited.    Another confession:   I have never seen it.   (Just check out the Food ‘ Flix site for more details on how to participate.)    For all my previous Food ‘n Flix posts, click here.


Abigail, I found two more box turtles in the yard but Izzy didn’t find them yet.  🙂     Here are some virtual flowers today from my mother’s garden.   She definitely has a green thumb.

2013-07-04 14.10.06

This is a rose among some lamb’s ear (from my mother’s garden). I love growing lamb’s ear because it is so fuzzy and soft.

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