Championship Smoked Pork Roast (Part Deux)


Today’s installment is a champion. (Not my post but this recipe, shared with us by 3 Guys Smokin’ at a recent cooking class.)


Championship Smoked Pork Roast
This recipe finished 2nd in 1995 and 6th in 1997 out of 300+ professional BBQ teams at the American Roayl Open BBQ Champinship in KCMO (the world’s largest professional BBQ competition).

5-8 lb. Pork Boston Butt or Picnic Shoulder
3 Guys Smokin’ Pork Powder
Seasoned oil*
Cotton butcher’s string
Plastic wrap
Heavy duty aluminum foil

Lay pork roast bone side up and trim off top layer of fat, trimming down to the first layer of muscle.   Continue trimming off additional fat until desired amount is removed.   Cover with seasoned oil and add generous amount of 3 Guys Smokin’ Pork Powder, making sure to cover all portions of the roast.


Their spice rub includes all spice and nutmeg. It smelled delicious.

Cut off approximately 4 feet of butcher’s string and tie a knot in both ends.  Wrap string around bone end of meat cut and tie into a slip knot and pull tight.   Keeping string, tight, continue with two additional loops down towards smaller end of trimmed roast.   For the final wrap, loop string across middle of roast going perpendicular to three string loops and tie off.   Complete with one final dusting of pork powder and let sit for two hours at room temperature, or over night in refrigerator.

Place roast on smoker, bone side down, at 250 degrees for the first 30 minutes, reducing to 215-225 degrees for 3- hours or until internal temperature reaches 155 degrees for sliced pork or 180 degrees for pulled pork.   After 1 hour 30 minutes, turn roast over (bone side up) and begin spraying with apple juice to prevent outside from drying too quickly, continue as necessary (every 45 minutes to one hour).    Remove roast, place on plastic wrap and wrap tightly, several layers thick, making sure not to poke holes in plastic wrap.   Finish the wrap with a double layer of aluminum foil and roll wrap and enclose sides.   Let it get to 190 then remove and wrap quickly and tightly in aluminum foil.  Let it sit that way for at least an hour.  This will cause the temp to rise to about 212 (the magic temperature for being able to pull the pork).  Before serving, sprinkle with more 3 Guys Smokin’ Pork Powder (lightly for sliced, heavier if pulled).

The pulled pork the guys prepared was delicious.     When we smoke, our pork tends to be a little dry.   We are definitely trying the plastic wrap system soon.

2013-07-25 19.08.27

Flap Jack and Big Guy

We watched  “Flap Jack” prepare a pork butt for smoking.   (Remember, a pork butt is not the hind-end of a pig but rather the top of the shoulder.)   “Flap Jack” said to remove most of the fat, especially the harder fat that will not melt in the heat.  If you do not remove the fat, it will keep your smoke and spice from getting into the meat.    (Conversely, this is not what you would want to do to a brisket, they said.)   If there is a thin membrane left, score it.    The guys said that there is another member named “Cutter” that will trim a butt into it looks like an octopus before he ties it back up.     This is what they would do for competition; just trim the fat for home smoking.

I cracked up when “Big Guy” started talking about the seasoned oil.*     They make their own and this is the method they described:

Seasoned Oil

7 smashed garlic cloves
some fresh rosemary and thyme
3 “pizza seasoning” packets
extra virgin olive oil

Place the garlic and herbs in a microwave and heat for 20 seconds.    Place all ingredients in an empty tequila bottle.   Let set.   DO NOT USE FOR A DIPPING SAUCE….ONLY USE IT FOR SEASONING MEAT THAT IS TO BE COOKED.

So, some brave woman asked what “pizza seasoning” packets were.   (I was wondering the same thing.)     It is the red pepper flakes that comes with take-out pizza.    Bawahahaha.   🙂   I love it.   I would imagine that any bottle would work as well. 🙂 (However, I did buy The Hubs a nice tequila so he could recycle the bottle.)

When they started to season the pork, they all got a bit risque.     They’re proponents of using rubber gloves when working with the meat and mentioned you must massage the pork, “Get intimate with it.”    When tying up the meat after it had been seasoned, “The technical term is plumping your meat…I can’t say that with a straight face,” said “Poke-Chop.”

The guys were full of party tips.    When the pork reaches 155 degrees, remove it to wrap it up, but don’t return it to the grill.   Place it in the freezer.     When you have a party, take the pork out, plop it frozen in the oven at 210 degrees from 8 hours.

2013-07-25 20.47.30 (1)

Pulled pork and smoked chicken with blueberry and raspberry BBQ sauce (their own products).

For pork, they were adamant that you did not want to use mesquite or hickory.   These woods are too strong and acrid.   Instead use pecan or apple wood if you can find it.

2013-07-25 18.28.53

Notice that they did not provide us with a knife.    No knife was needed with this meat, it was that tender and moist.

2013-08-02 10.08.07

On of my favorite cacti is blooming again. You won’t believe how beautiful and unusual this blooms are.

Remember Abigail and her family today with good thoughts.

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