Rosemary and Thyme Spicy Herb Salt

I get really behind in my magazine reading.   So much so that it is usually a vacation or school break when I catch up.   Case in point—I found this recipe for Spicy Herb Salt this summer while I was reading at the lake.   It was from Food and Wine from October 2011!

I have another stack that is getting taller and taller that I hope to tackle over Fall Break or Thanksgiving.

This recipe calls for lots of rosemary and lots of thyme.   I grow both so I decided to make this up this fall for holiday gifts.  Getting a cup of rosemary is no problem because I have a monster rosemary bush.   I have quite a bit of thyme too but do you know how many thyme leaves it takes to make one cup?

2013-09-28 09.05.46

Rosemary and thyme (but no parsley and sage)

It took me about 45 minutes to strip the thyme leaves from the stems.

Spicy Herb Salt
From Food and Wine, October 2011

1 c. fresh rosemary leaves
1 c. fresh thyme leaves
2 large garlic cloves, sliced thin
1/2 c. coarse sea salt
1 t. crush red pepper flakes

In a food processor, pulse the rosemary leaves, thyme leaves, and garlic slices until chopped.   Add the sea salt and pulse until finely chopped.   Add red pepper flakes and pulse to blend.

Spread mixture in an even layer on a large rimmed baking sheet and let stand, stirring occasionally, until dried, about 2 days.

2013-09-28 10.42.38

Just processed and ready to dry.

After mixture has dried, transfer the to a jar and seal.  The herb salt can be stored in an airtight container for up to one year.

How to use:
Rub over big cuts of meat, like leg of lamb, pork loin, or thick steaks before grilling.

I got two jars, probably a total of 4-5 oz.    I hope I can strip enough thyme leaves to make some more.   I would like to keep some for myself and not give it all away this Christmas.

2013-09-30 18.38.30

Spicy Herb Salt


I have been posting virtual flowers all summer for sweet Abigail, a beautiful two-year-old who is battling cancer.

Today, I want to send something specifically to Aimee, Abigail’s mother.   I can’t imagine what she is going through and Aimee also needs our thoughts and prayers.

2013-09-24 19.08.20

This is a strange and alien looking appendage.

2013-09-25 18.46.38

Eliot’s tail got in the way of this shot.

Aimee, remember that no matter how difficult and prickly things get, there is always a beautiful flower at the end to reward us all.

2013-09-28 07.56.13

The beautiful bloom that came from the weird looking sprout.

Thinking of you all.

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