Happy New Year

Over Winter Break I was able to start a project I had been wanting to undertake for some time.

I have both of my grandfathers’ post card collections.   Their youthful hobbies have left me with a plethora of vintage images and family lore.  As I perused through both sets (which were kept in bound books specifically made to store one’s collection), I think that some of these cards were given as simple Christmas presents.  Some contained letters on the reverse side, some were illegible or faded, and some were not written on at all.  Some had stamps, some had the stamps removed, and some must have been hand delivered by relatives or friends that were passing through.

The earliest one dates from around 1907 and the latest one is from 1924.

I started scanning in these vintage images while doing my best to make out the handwriting on the back.   I had one great-great grandmother who got her money’s worth out of the back of a post card.

PD request_0006As near as I can make out, this records the temperature, two deaths, the making of a pillow with carnation embroidery, and a marriage.   I can’t figure out what is wrong with Effie.

Some of these scripts are hilarious.   Some are pretty sad.

There are cards sent from one baby cousin to another as gifts.   There are picture postcards of family members (unfortunately, these don’t have any records on the back).  There are lots of postcards of churches, tourist sites, and  courthouses from different cities that were visited.

Quite a few were sent to celebrate birthdays and holidays.

If one were to do a historical record of what holidays were most celebrated, I would have to say Christmas (with sixteen cards), Easter (8), birthdays (5) and Thanksgiving (2).   I actually began my trek through these cards trying to find an appropriate Happy New Year image.

Not finding any, I will leave you today with a couple that I can rationalize into a New Year’s gift to you.

First, please have a cup of cheer today.

PD request_0005

The writing from above is on the back of this card so it dates to around 1910.

This next card was also sent in July of 1910 from Manhatten, Kansas.  I didn’t scan the reverse side but my great-great grandmother has just washed her hair and apparently the card recipient (who I surmise is my great grandmother) has just gotten chickens.    She offers her thoughts on chickens:   “They are lots of trouble but they are awful nice when you want chicken to go out in the yard and get a nice one.  I would like to have been there for dinner.”

This image and poem were on the front.


May the well-springs of Hope for you never run dry,

May the waters of love ever flow;

May the teardrop of Sorrow ne’er moisten your eye

And a full cup of Joy may you know.

Happy New Year!   Many blessings to you and yours in 2014!

(I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my scanned images—stay tuned for some possible artsy-fartsy-crafty items.   But, don’t hold your breath—it may be next Christmas before anything gets posted.)

A lot of you have inspired me so here is my
Top Ten for 2013!


10.  Chicken Tetrazzini 


My tetrazzini recipe was featured in this book. Notice the bow-tie stamp from Chris.

9.  Peach-Raspberry Crumble with Amaretto


8.  Avocado-Lime Popsicles


7.  Fudgy Salted Caramel Brownies


6.  The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever (Seriously)


5.   Trick or Treat Halloween Bark


4.  Blackberry-Cucumber Water


3.  No-Bake Cookies with Coconut Oil


2.  Rustic Roasted Garlic Whole Wheat Bread w/Rosemary


1.  The Best Banana Bread Ever




Thanks for a great year!

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