DIY Body Lotion

I really intended to save this post until the holiday season because this lotion would make a great and easy gift.

But, it is too good of a formula not to share with you now.

This past Christmas a coworker handed out small tubs of this stuff.   I used it all up immediately and had to ask her what it was because it was stupendous!

Here is her recipe:


DIY Body Lotion

2 “tubs” vitamin E cream (4 oz. each)
1 “tub” Vaseline (13 oz.)
1 “bottle” lavender baby lotion (15 oz.)


Rich and creamy.

Whip together in your stand mixer until creamy.

I had the hardest time finding vitamin E cream and finally had to order it from Swanson’s.   (It was cheaper, too.)   I used a store brand for the petroleum jelly and and the baby lotion.

I used the empty jars to repackage the finished product.

Really, this stuff is golden.   I have the driest skin, especially in the winter.


Yes, I usually look this grumpy too during the winter months. (Photo from

I started using this lotion everyday and my alligator skin has disappeared.  (Grumpiness, maybe not so much.)

If you try this, please let me know what you think.

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