Coming Soon: #10DaysofTailgate

10645283_10152717638036948_3681468194145198563_nPlease forgive Saturday’s post of my pity party of funkness.  You’ll be happy to know that I am over my mood and part of that reason is a fun event coming soon to Eliot’s Eats and a host of other talented bloggers.

It is time to move on to an exciting party which will begin on September 20:   #10DaysofTailgate.   This party was conceived by Camilla at Culinary Adventures and ever since I signed up, I have been getting the most wonderful surprises in the mail, almost on a daily basis.

My first surprise was from Not Ketchup.  What a great product and a great concept.   You can check out all things about Not Ketchup at Erika’s (the founder’s)  Faceboogk page.    Wait for my use of the Cherry Chipotle sauce on a three-pepper burger (to post on September 28 as part of the #10DaysofTailgate.)

2014-09-06 18.22.50

The next two items were received on the same day and The Hubs was super excited about them both.

First from ThermoWorks was the ThermoPop (in a lovely green color).   The ThermoPop is a digital thermometer that would definitely come in handing during tailgating season.   I can’t wait to use it.  (Jesse, the public relations & social media representative, also included a hand written note—you don’t see these too often anymore, do you?)   There will be much more about this item later.

2014-09-14 10.43.28

The second package we opened (it felt like Christmas) was from Mr. Bar-B-Q.  I can see many, many uses for this Stainless Grilling Skillet w/removable handle.      (They also stuck in a package of Jelly Bellies—love it!)

The Hubs comment:  “They just sent this to you for free?”

My reply:  “Why, yes, blogging is finally paying off.”

2014-09-14 15.15.32 (1)

This weekend, I ventured out to the mailbox to see what had arrived.   What to my wondering eyes did appear (notice I am continuing the Christmas present-theme here) but a bottle of Carrot Karma.   This is not your ordinary hot sauce.

2014-09-14 15.44.34

Look for this to show up in featured recipe for #10DaysofTailgate.

My next surprise came just last night:   Fire Wire.    We already have a set of these and I love using them for kabobs.   They make grilling so much more flexible (pun intended) by creating more room on the grill.

2014-09-15 16.06.50


So far, that is all I have to report.   There are lots of other sponsors for this event so please check them out from September 20-30.


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