Make Your Own Gift Bags and Go Retro

I become even more retro and vintage at Christmas time.   I think as I get older, I enjoy more retro stuff.   Er…or maybe it is me that is actually become more vintage.

Anyhoo, I found some old forgotten sticker paper in our office/guest room and I went nuts printing vintage images for packages and gift bags.


This is what you will need to get started. Then you just need some vintage images and an imagination!

Really, I went a little overboard.

I have decorated six-pack containers.  (See an upcoming post on making a Barbershop Reindeer Sextet out of craft root beer bottles.)

I’ve done up gift bags galore.

2013-12-21 14.32.35

And, I have even just slapped my homemade stickers on wrapped packages instead of bows and ribbons.

2013-12-21 14.29.52

This image is from a vintage post card.

The process is simple.

Find some unusual prints and either scan or save them into a photo editor.   Edit if necessary. Lay out on sticker paper in Word or Publisher. Print on your color printer. Cut out, peel and stick on a bag (or package).

2013-12-21 15.07.11 (1)

Here are three of my favorites.

Not only will these bags hold your gifts for giving, but they will also be great conversation starters at your next holiday party.

Here are some images that I have used for my gift bags.  Most of these are retro advertisements from the Christmas season and were found on Kitsch and Retro and Edible Celebrations.


These images came from Edible Celebrations. Click on the this image and the next two to go to the original poster’s site.



Here are some of my favorite (and humorous) ones for gift bags.    The following are from Kitsch and Retro.  Click on the pictures to go to the original post.


For some vintage images from my own site, you can click here and here and here.

Stay tuned because I have a treasure trove of authentic vintage postcards from my grandfather that I hope to scan and share throughout the season with you.


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