Spicely Organics Chocolates (Product Review for #TripleSBites)

Logo#TripleSBites is winding down and there is so much more I want to say!

I have a post for tomorrow (spicy Tostada Pizza) and for Monday, the final day, (some saucy pasta), but I just haven’t had time to highlight the sexy chocolate.

I received two samples of infused chocolate from Spicely Organics.

2015-02-07 14.17.09

Where to start?

Their milk honeybush caramel chocolates had just a hint of cinnamon along with a hint of caramel essence with just a back bite of spice.  (Hope that makes sense.)

Their dark green earl grey chocolates had the traditional citrusiness of an earl grey tea which combined well with the bitterness of the dark chocolate.

There was only one problem—the samples were too small.

We sat around this afternoon sampling both, going back and forth deciding which was our favorite.

The conclusion?  We loved them both.

My mother-in-law is a tea connoisseur and I cannot wait to order some as a gift for her to pair with some tea.


Image from Spicely website.


And, I can’t wait to order some more of the wide variety of chocolates available at Spicely for ourselves.    I would love to cook with these but another problem arose—-we ate all that was sent…

Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY so you could win a  Gift Box of Organic Spice-Infused Chocolates, including Dark Raspberry Rooibos, Milk Chai, Milk Saffron, and Dark Chili Cayenne.   Click here to enter.

A huge thank you goes out to ALL of the sponsors of #TripleSBites:

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I can personally attest to the quality of everything from Gourmet Garden (I used their products the most for #TripleSBites), the super-handy spice grater from Kitchen !Q, the fragrant and tasty cottonseed oil from Acala Farms, both the Blueberry-White Pepper and the Chipotle Cherry sauces from Not Ketchup as well as these delicious chocolates from Spicely.

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