Watermelon Wine Spritzer with Fruit

As I recently wrote, we had a very quiet Fourth of July celebration with just the two of us.   We had been gone for most of the week prior and so most of the holiday was spent working in the yard and tackling what seemed to be like a pasture of uncut hay.  (Seriously, the lawn seemed like it was three feet high.  And the weeds?  I won’t even go there).

We finished late in the afternoon (read “after a sun stroke or two”) and we escaped to the covered patio to start the evening’s relaxation.

I had already prepped dinner.  (See the previous post for a delicious Marinated Flank Steak.)

I had also already prepped the beverage:  Watermelon Wine Spritzer.  I had spotted this recipe in the local paper on July 3 and I knew I needed to make it for our Fourth festivities.  I adapted the recipe slightly.  For the original recipe, click here.
2015-07-04 17.36.12


Watermelon Wine Spritzer with Fruit
Based on a Clos du Bois winery recipe

2 c. seedless watermelon (cut in chunks)
2 T. sweet and sour mix
1 c. fresh blueberries
1 c. fresh sweet cherries, pitted
1 c. fresh pineapple, cut in chunks
1 (750 ml) bottle cheap chardonnay
club soda, chilled

Combine watermelon chunks and sweet and sour mix in a blender and process until smooth.   Pour pureed mixture into a 2 quart pitcher or jug.  Add fruit and wine.   Refrigerate for at least one hour prior to  serving.

Before serving, stir the watermelon-wine.   Using a slotted spoon, add some of the fruit to serving glasses.   Fill glasses about 3/4 full with wine mixture.   Top off with club soda.   (You may also serve this on the rocks.)


2015-07-04 19.58.02

If you were wondering what the creature is to the left of the first picture, he is one of my Picc-a-Dilly Gargoyles.  

2015-07-04 17.35.23

One of the Picc-a-Dillies is picking his nose, one is picking his ear….I will let you figure out what this Picc-a-Dilly is picking.  🙂


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  • Taking On Magazines

    My kiddo would love that Picc-a-Dilly (as would I), no matter what body part he’s picking 🙂 I would also love one of those spritzers. It’s in the upper 90’s here this week so we need that kind of refreshing drink.

  • How delicious and refreshing—-I love it.

  • What a great spritzer! This is more than just watermelon spritzer. Look at all that other fruit. Like a healthy and delightfully light sangria. Love it!

    • I load up our sangria with whatever fruit I have. Initially, it was going to be just a Fourth drink with only the cherries and blueberries but then I found some pineapple in the fridge that needed used. 🙂

  • Angie@Angie's Recipes

    Your spritzer sounds really refreshing! I really love all the fruits in there.

  • Hi Debra!
    There’s no doubt in my mind that any one of those garden “creatures” would bring a smile to Marion’s face, lol…As for me, that Watermelon Wine Spritzer would definitely make my day! It’s a hot one today and I have a beauty of a watermelon sitting on the counter just waiting to be tackled! Love all that goodness you added too.

    Thanks for sharing Debra and thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. It shouldn’t be long before I am back to blogging, I hope, I hope:)

  • kitchenriffs

    Love those Picc-a-Dillies! And love this, too — so refreshing. We always OD on watermelon at this time of the year — have it for breakfast every morning, and usually at least once more during the day (the two of us go through two watermelons a week!). Good stuff — thanks.

  • Hey I remember those little plastic animals on the side of a glass rim – from years ago but I can’t think of where………..like the fair or 6 Flags or something. Anyway, we are eating watermelons like there’s no tomorrow right now. You know, the first weekend in August is the Rush Springs Watermelon Festival so we’ll have even more soon! I want to make this because the pineapple is something new and different that I’ve never had in a drink like this!

    • I know there was a drive-in in Stillwater that had them back in the seventies. I want to reefer it as a sonic. ???????

  • Beautiful drink and so Summery. And tell that little gargoyle he’s pretty darn cute, along with those little critters hanging from the glasses.

  • Oh, boy, does this sound like the perfect summer sipper! Love all the fruit in the recipe—so tasty!

  • Rhonda

    It’s 7:30 in the morning and now I already want to start drinking!