Park in the Pearl

I love food trucks.   I have posted about them often.

I highly romanticize them, I know.  I love the roguish quality and rebellious spirit of the food plus the creativity of the trucks themselves.

For example:

2015-05-16 11.58.46

How cool is this?  A chalk board painted truck that just beckons one to draw on it.

This is the Stella Reauxs truck that we ate at during the Blue Dome Arts Festival last May.   Stella Reauxs does a Cajun/Creole/Southern fusion deliciousness.

2015-05-16 12.00.20

I couldn’t resist.

When I finally get my hippie bus, I am going to paint it in chalkboard paint and invite all our friends to graffiti away on it, just like this food truck.


As of this past weekend, Tulsa now has a home for wayward food trucks.   The Park in the Pearl is located in the Pearl District.   I love it.  We went there Saturday night to check it out.   It was great eats and great people watching.

20150912_193111_resized (1)

The park can host up to eight food trucks at a time.   The opening Saturday night that we attended found Cake Smash, Rub BBQ, Masa,  Dog House, Crunch, and Mangiamo.

Oh, yeah, and there was the old Winnebago beer mobile as well.   Thanks to the beer dude who (a) asked for my ID; and, (b) gave me a high five for having a school bus drivers license as well.  (Yep, comes with the whole principal’s gig.)

20150912_193043_resized (1)

Mercury dog from Dog House (sans the jalapeno relish)


We arrived about 7:30 p.m. and the trucks had been slammed all day.   My favorite truck, Dog House, had run out of jalapeno relish that usually tops my favorite Mercury Dog.  (It was still good.)   My new favorite adult-type beverage may be this Oculto.  I love the logo but the taste is amazing.

20150912_193634_resized (1)The park is brand new and it shows.   The entry area boasted new flower beds and landscaping.   Most tables (made out of re-purposed pallets and spool reels) held mason jars with Gerbera daisies.  Families and leashed pets were all well behaved.   All of this aside, there were still plenty of characters to get our people watching fix in.

20150912_193649_resized (1)

Giant jenga.

Besides the dogs, we also had some nachos from Crunch and some utterly delicious empanadas from Masa.  We sampled three:   The Columbiana (potato, beef, and pork), The T.C.B (Thai chiles, chicken and basil), and The Veggie (spinach, black beans, and water chestnuts).   Each order of emapanads came with a cilantro dipping sauce.    (Sorry no photo of these because they were really beautiful.  On my next trip, I promise.)

20150912_203045_resized (1)Bands played throughout the day.  We stayed long enough to hear two of them.   I cannot wait to see what other special events the organizers have lined up for the fall.  If the weather holds out, this might be my new favorite brunch spot.

Note:  To make your own version of the Mercury Dog, you can check out my “How-to” here.  

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