Historic Overnight

I’ve mentioned before about the great drive on HWY 104 from Tucumcari to Las Vegas, NM.   You must take this route, especially if you are coming from the east on I-40.   Get off the interstate and take the scenic route.

 Scenic Highway 104 from Tucumcari to Las Vegas, NM.

On one of our jaunts through Las Vegas, we noticed that the old hotel on the plaza was being remodeled and updated.  (This was about three years ago.)  It was on our bucket list to stay there one day.  We got the chance on our recent journey to Northern New Mexico.

This is a lovely hotel and we had great service, from making the reservation to checking in.  (In fact, these two actions were taken care of by the same person.)

Old fashioned keys (on a hand painted desk in our room)

A lot of the rooms have photos outside the door commemorating when an actor or director stayed there.  We saw where Hillary Swank (The Homesman), Javier Bardeem (No Country for Old Men), the Longmire crew, and many other famous actors stayed.   (There’s a lot of filming in this beautiful country.)

It’s an antique place but quite comfortable and serene.   Our Victorian view faced the Plaza.

View from our third floor plaza facing room.

Our room was spacious and quiet and clean and even boasted a stocked book shelf.

Supposedly this hotel, originally built in 1882, is haunted, specifically Room 220.   We were on the third floor and didn’t experience anything supernatural.    We did experience some entertaining local barflies in the saloon however.  🙂

There’s actually a bit to do in Las Vegas (NM).  We visited some quaint shops and had one of the best breakfasts ever at Charlie’s Spic and Span.   If you’re a macabre fan, there’s also the Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum.   We didn’t go there.

If you are a Longmire fan, walk around the Plaza to see his sheriff’s office door.

This is a charming place for an overnight or for a day trip to explore.

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