“In My Kitchen” February 2019

Welcome to “In My Kitchen” for February.

February offers to be a extremely busy month around here.   I have lots of work travel coming up, lots of out-of-town meetings, and lots of trainings to present.   I’ll be glad to see March but I doubt it is much calmer.

At least I can say that January and the arctic blast is over with (fingers crossed).    We did not get the frigid temperatures as some to our north and east but I’m glad we had last weekend in the 60s.

There’s just a few things new to the kitchen this month.

You might remember I got an insulated wine cup for Christmas.   Another good friend (that we celebrated with after Christmas) got me a couple of more insulated cups and a wine thermos.  Do you see a trend?

The same friend gifted me a copy of Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a Teacup.   I’ve always admired Reese and this book is just charming…and hilarious.  Where else could you read how to create the perfect dinner party banter, what good Southern books should be brought to your book club table, and how to hot roll your hair?

You can see a recipe from her book here (for baked brie).

I pulled three meager radishes out of the green house.  (This would make a grand total of four that we’ve harvested.)

Finally, there’s beets (not from the greenhouse).   I recently started entering recipe contests again.  (You can read about my obsession with them here.)    One of the first ones I entered, I won.   (Yes, it was third prize but still…)

I won a $25 gift card and to my surprise a case of beet products.

I entered a beet and carrot soup recipe that I based on this one.  I just visited the Aunt Nellie’s site and there are some other interesting soup recipes using  up some of their products like a Red Cabbage and Kielbasa Soup and a Holland Onion and Leek Soup.  I will try them soon.  (My recipe’s not posted yet.)

Finally, here’s a remodeling update.   We have the dining room painted, the wall ripped out (read closet expanded into a potential book nook), and hopefully by the time this posts, new hardwood floors.

Before and after.

And, I would like to ask your opinion on the fireplace.  My perceived outcome was that it would be antiqued and distressed.   It came out pinstriped.  

Give me your honest opinion please.Anywhoo, thanks for wandering around our kitchen (and dining room and living room).   Actually, the kitchen will be phase three in our remodeling scheme.

Happy February!

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