June 2019 “In My Kitchen”

June means school is out so my job becomes a lot of home office days and overnight trips to the main office for meetings and trainings.   It also means that we are soooo going to try to find some time to take off on a small vacation—like just the two of us—no family visits—relaxation.   Sounds great.  We’ll see if it happens or not.

Here’s what’s new in our kitchen this month.

I had a great 30% off coupon for Cost Plus World Market so I nabbed up this salad bowl that I had been eyeing.

It’s mango wood with an enamel coated bowl.   Love it.

I also pulled the trigger and bought another cookbook.  (I know…like I needed that.)  We ate at Flour when we were in Boston and I actually saw this book for sale there.  The “less sugar” approach appealed to me but a lot of the recipes make up for it with extra fat.  The first recipe I made (although it was much adapted on my part) was a bit odd.  The butter was melted before it was creamed into the “less sugar.”

Look for a “based on” recipe and review here soon.

I also bought a new foodie read.  I can’t help it.  The Honey Bus: A Memoir of Loss, Courage and a Girl Saved by Bees by Meredith May promises to be an interesting read—“An extraordinary story of a girl, her grandfather and one of nature’s most mysterious and beguiling creatures: the honeybee. “

We literally stumbled upon an outdoor Mercado a few weekends ago.  Anytime we see tents and canopies, we stop to explore any festival or market.    The shoes and bags were amazing, but we ended up buying some Mexican chocolate.  I can’t wait to experiment with it.

The Hubs has a friend that’s a Shriner so every May we end up with at least one bag of Vidalia onions.  It’s a good thing.

As a totally spontaneous (and ill-informed buy), we bought this pizza pan at a local grilling store.  Upon arrival at home, we noticed it was not made for the grill, was totally flimsy and not worth the $12 we paid for it.

Not worth the $12.99!

Finally, my mom and sister made a quick weekend trip to visit recently.  Mom brought me this book.

We will see if it helps.  It does have some beautiful photos in it.  I, however, am always snapping pics on the fly.   I know I need to be more intentional.

There’s no garden update because it’s been too freaking wet to plant anything!!!!!

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10 comments to June 2019 “In My Kitchen”

  • Lots of great stuff this month, Deb. $12 for that pizza screen…that’s just too expensive even if it were good for grill!

  • Glenda

    Take the screen back for a refund!!

  • Mae

    Nice selection of objects (not counting the overpriced pizza screen!)

    I’ve always found that the trouble with any professional advice about food photography is that real food photographers just take photos … they don’t cook and they don’t eat. They rearrange the food, spray it with shiny substances (if need be), let it get cold or congealed (if that’s what looks good), prop the chunky bits up on toothpicks, remove the ugly (but maybe tasty) bits, and otherwise fool around until the food isn’t worth eating. It wasn’t meant to be eaten anyway. That’s not their job.

    If you are cooking, photographing, and then eating your food it’s a whole different game, no? Or is this book new & different?

    best…. mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • Love the new salad bowl, beautiful. I think photography books are a great source of inspiration and you take what you want from them. Have a wonderful June 🙂

  • Bummer about that pizza pan. That food photo book sounds interesting — I’ve looked at a couple and have learned a few things. But Mae is right that food styling is what makes or breaks most food photos. I’d love to fire my food stylist, except it’s me! 🙂

  • I also don’t pay much attention to my photographs. Good luck with your vacation plans and I would so take the pizza pan thing back if it does not do what you want it to.

  • Love your salad bowl…it is so pretty that I hope you keep it out on display.

  • We have a Cost plus here too. Love that bowl. The book about bees is one I want too!

  • Liz

    I will b3 interested if you earn anything and think the photography book is worth it. I have been meaning to up my game but often take pictures on the fly like you. That is if I get a chance to take a picture before the food is devoured.

    The salad bowl is beautiful. And, I have bookmarked the bee book, I’ll take a look on Amazon as I am looking for a summer read.

  • School’s out – sounds great to me! No one knows what a Shriner is in Australia (though I’ve heard of them) so I had to look them up. Perhaps you can use the pizza pan as some type of splatter guard instead. Love the sound of the Honey Bus. I recommend The Language of Baklava about a girl of Greek descent growing up in upstate New York.

    A lovely tour ; )