“In My Kitchen” September 2019

I’ve been slacking.  I’ve been making meals and not photographing them  I’ve been creating recipes but not writing them down.  There’s been few posts but I feel like I’m kind of in a slump.  For instance, this post originally published without me even realizing it (albeit for only about 45 minutes) with only four sentences.

In my defense, we’ve been quite busy.   School started which means my work schedule got busy and complicated.   We spent quite of bit of time at the lake during the first two weeks of August.   Most recently, we enjoyed four days in D.C.   Both trips were with family and we totally enjoyed ourselves (read no family drama).

So, back to my kitchen.  What’s been going on?

I’ve made some great recipes but haven’t documented them.  I will share them here though.  If you’re an IP fan, you must try this rice and beans recipe.  It uses dried beans and brown rice.  This recipe makes a lot that can be utilized as leftovers in burritos.

We grilled some delicious sirloins, using a recipe from Smoke & Spice.   The steaks were stuffed with a shallot-garlic paste, smoked for about two hours while being basted with a red wine-garlic sauce.   Truly delicious and so tender.   (We’ve had Smoke & Spice  for a long time.  It’s a cookbook I need to rediscover!)   I could not find this particular recipe, “Garlic Scented Sirloin,” online but you can sample some of the other recipes here.  I can attest to “Wild Willy’s Number One-derful Rub” that is featured.

While we were at the lake, we found a local goat farm-dairy that had a honor-system store.  You walk in, open up the freezer, take what you want and leave your money in a jar.  (We met the owner at a farmer’s market and she mentioned her store.)

Moo-shine goat cheese spread.

The garlic and herb goat cheese spread was fantastic.  We bought a tub.  It’s delicious on crackers.  I’ve also used it to stuff jalapenos and as a pizza spread with roasted tomatoes and leftover “Garlic Kissed Sirloin.”

Ready to roast

We’ve gotten enough cherry tomatoes to roast and I am just now getting a few peppers.  Again, my high hopes for the garden didn’t materialize.   The tomato plants look amazing, they just aren’t producing.  I’m hoping for fall tomatoes.

Baby bells, NM green chiles, jalapenos and guajillos

Mom sent a few kitchen items to me.  Here are some vintage cookbooks.  She has marked the professor one as hilarious.

She also bought me this handy dandy food grabber called “The Clam.”  

It stores well and is great for salads, chips, etc.

I do hope to get back in the kitchen.  I’ve got two food projects to complete this month.  Hopefully I can at least whip up a Southern inspired meal for Food ‘n Flix.  O Brother, Where Art Though? is the September feature.  Since I’m hosting, this is a priority.

For Cook the Books, Deb is hosting The Food Explorer.  I haven’t cracked the cover so I need to get to it!


Also, please note that I got hit by lots of spam comments and I got tired of deleting them all manually (even with a WordPress update).  I love comments and our conversations, but I have limited open comments.   (This whole ordeal may be the cause of my blogging slump.  What a pain!)


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3 comments to “In My Kitchen” September 2019

  • oh yes debra i get so sick of the spam comments. i just deleted another 6! thanks for joining in this month even tho you’ve been busy. i’m getting worried – so many bloggers i know have stopped blogging! i mean completely, not just for a break. i wonder if i will get to that point in a while? i love the cover of that professor book! so cute. and that clam is a beauty. and i love the idea of that goat farm. have a good month. cheers

  • Liz

    You have some lovely summery food items in your kitchen. I adore goat cheese, how lucky you are to have a farm nearby. Hopefully your tomatoes will start producing this month. In my Oakland garden they usually didn’t ripen until September.

  • Haven’t seen the Jamisen’s Smoke & Spice cookbook. Two great New Mexico cookbook authors. Love the vintage cookbooks! My garden hasn’t produced much either. Like you I’m hoping for fall tomatoes.