Bookish Spices, Installment I

Happy Early Christmas to me!

Book Club Cookbook was kind enough to send a pre-holiday gift to EE.   For an honest review of the product, they were offering up a choice of two of their Bookish Spices.  I eagerly responded and awaited my two requested blends:  Joy Luck Rub (a salt free Mediterranean dry rub) and Of Spice and Men (Indonesian Korintje Cinnamon).

Clever and cute, right?

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Photo from Book Club Cookbook

There is no recipe here, per se. We just added a bit of the Joy Luck Rub to some chicken breasts and grilled them. It was that simple. I whipped up a simple tomato sauce, cooked some fettuccine and made a salad. Dinner was served!

Really, I am not a spice blend fan.   But, the Joy Luck Rub is truly amazing.  It includes a mix of thyme, oregano, sage, basil, rosemary, garlic, lemon peel and black pepper.  I added nothing else to this chicken…no salt or pepper.   The spice blend was complete.   I even added a sprinkle to the pasta sauce which helped it tremendously.

This was a simple and delicious (truly) dinner.

What will I do with my bottle of Of Spice and Men?   Hmmm…..stay tuned.  It is the holiday season and a pie is in order!

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