“In My Kitchen” January 2020

Happy 2020!

Although the decade technically doesn’t end until December 31, 2020, I will include myself in celebrating the end of the teens and hoping that the twenties are more peaceful and less divisive.  (Declaring that the decade is not technically ending is divisive in itself, I know.)

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday season and that you’ve had to time now to regroup and exhale.

Let’s just start with what was in our stockings!

Lots of chocolate!

Yes, it was the obligatory smash orange chocolate spheres as well as some delicious sounding combinations with blueberries and cranberries.

You might remember that Mom got me a fermenting book for my birthday last month.   Well, Santa stuffed a fermenting lid kit in my stocking.   Hurrah for Santa!

Seedless raspberry jam, green tomato jam, apple butter, and ginger-rhubarb compote from Sis.

Of course, we gave everyone lots of jams and jellies for Christmas and my sister reciprocated with these delicious jars of goodness!

I recently received a surprise in the mail.  I enter most of the Taste of Home recipe contests and periodically I will receive a free cookbook in the mail as a prize.

I had two recipes in this book:  Pina Colada Cake (featured here) and Rustic Eggplant Dip (featured here).  

This is a great holiday book, full of any festive recipe you might need.   The book is organized into the following sections:  ‘Tis the Season (Holiday Open House, A Classic Christmas Dinner, My Favorite Things Party, Game Night, Tropical Christmas Party, Easy Christmas Cookies), Giving Thanks (Traditional Turkey Dinner, Slow-Cooker Thanksgiving, Bake It Forward, Harvest Fair), Easter Gatherings (Fish Fry, An Elegant Easter Dinner, Spring Garden Party), Special Celebrations (Breakfast for Dinner, Galentine’s Day, Taco Tuesday, Pre-Prom Party, Red, White & BBQ, Backyard Camping, Rosh Hashana, Sips & Suspense, Homegating).

I love cookbooks with menu and party ideas like these.   The photos are very professional and helpful.

OK—now back to Christmas presents (and the boat).  It was a very nautical themed holiday for us.

These “knot”-i-cal mugs (complete with cleets and practice ropes) came from The Hubs’ sister.   We can’t wait to have morning coffee on the deck with these.

Don’t you love this retro (read old) penguin server.   Mom had one when we were growing up and we always served hot rolls in them for Sunday dinner.   My sister has the family original one.  I wanted one to use as an ice bucket on our vintage boat.  Mom found me one (along with the original box and brochures) for a birthday present.   LOVE it and can’t wait to decorate our boat galley with it.

My best friend knew I was coveting this Penquin server, so she found these cute little appetizer picks and swizzle sticks at Pottery Barn.   

So cute!

We already put these little penguins to good use on New Year’s Eve.

Speaking of the boat :), it is currently on a lake three hours away so as we trek to another state to work on it and enjoy it, we have found a couple of culinary things.

The boat is actually located in the Black Walnut Capital of Missouri.   So, we had to buy a bag.

I remember the taste as being quite different (from my childhood—my grandmother loved these).  They are an acquired taste and I’m very glad we taste-tested before we dumped them into our homemade holiday fudge.  (We used regular walnuts.)

There’s a quaint Amish store on the way to the lake that we recently stopped at.  It is full of bulk spices, Amish clothing supplies (fabric and hats), surplus canned goods and home supplies, baked items and a deli.  I thought some of the prices weren’t bad, especially on holiday spices.

See how good we must have been this holiday season?

I’m linking up with the 2020 Foodies Read because of the Holiday & Celebrations 2019.

And, of course I’m linking up with Sherry’s Pickings, the host of “In My Kitchen.”  Please stop by to see what others have happening in their kitchens.   

Wishing you and yours all the best in 2020!!!


10 comments to “In My Kitchen” January 2020

  • Happy New Decade, Deb! The appetizer picks and sticks are my favourite!

  • mae

    It’s great that your recipes were featured in that collection! And I love your penguin server: vintage, indeed. Have a wonderful year enjoying your boat.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • I’m throwing in the towel, too, and whether to declare a new decade in the ’00 year or the ’01 year. ’00 it’ll be for me henceforth! 🙂 Good stuff in your kitchen this month — thanks. And Happy New Year!

  • Well it sounds like you had an amazing holiday season. Congrats on getting two of your recipes published. Way to go.

  • How very exciting it must be to have two of your recipes be published in a cookbook! That eggplant dip sounds really delicious and easy to make.

    I am dying over the penguin server and picks!!!!! I love retro stuff and cute stuff and those items check both boxes.

    I love the nautical mugs!

    I did not know Missouri is the Black Walnut capital but that explains why they’re so easy to find in all the stores here in Arkansas! I love them so much and could never find them in Arizona or L.A. When I first discovered them here I bought a ton of them and shoved them in the freezer, thinking it was a once-in-a-lifetime dream or something. Totally unnecessary as they are on the shelves year round. They definitely are a strong and acquired taste and cannot be used in just any old recipe. Banana bread, pumpkin bread, and other similarly spiced baked goods – yes. Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, etc – no.

  • I know a Published author! Congrats!
    Love the penguin server, that’s so cool.

    I’m going to read SeaFare for one of my nonfiction book challenge. Haven’t posted my linkup yet but hoping to enjoy more nonfiction this year.

  • Lots and lots of great little treats and goodies. Love the penguin pot. I remember mother storing fresh cooked rolls in them. Yum!

  • happy new year Deb. how marvellous to have your recipes in that book. did they cook them and photograph them for the book? i adore penguins so am very envious of your cute swizzle sticks. when we lived with a Quaker friend in Philadelphia years ago we drove up to Amish country. so quaint seeing their horse and cart transportation! happy new year! and thanks for joining in IMK.

  • How wonderful to have a cookbook with two of your recipes featured in it…congratulations. It sounds like your kitchen is filled with delicious things to start off the new decade.

  • Liz

    I remember a penguin pot somewhere in my past, it’s very cute and will be lovely aboard. Wishing you a very happy 2020 cruising on your new boat.