April 2020 “In My Kitchen”

As we hunker down and physically distance, there’s been a lot of food coming out of the kitchen because we are eating in breakfast, lunch and dinner.   I didn’t fall into the hoarder mentality, but I did social conscientiously prepare.  I jokingly say that I think we could live off our pantry and freezer for longer than four months…it might not be delicious but we could survive.

There was at least one item I wanted to make sure I had:  Bulgarian Yogurt.   This is my new favorite yogurt.  (I bounce back and forth between Greek and French yogurt.)   I bought this initially because it was marked as “probiotic” and I was coming off rounds of antibiotics, needing some “good gut stuff” back in my system.

I like the tang of this brand.  (And, yes, I know that most yogurt is probiotic just because it is yogurt, but I needed some reassurance here.)

I also have lots of tea on hand.   When we were in Iowa for Christmas (which seems so long ago), my sister introduced me to some new Tazo offerings.   I love these new herbal teas and I hope they are not temporary offerings.

Juniper Mint Honey is inspired by the Rocky Mountains, Elderberry-Blackberry by New England, Prickly Pear Cactus by the Southwest, and Wild Apple Sarsaparilla by the Midwest.  These are all great herbal offerings.  Juniper Mint Honey might be my favorite, but depending my mood, I go back and forth

As mentioned in my last post, I finally ordered some donut pans.   I love the colors.

Along with ordering these pans, I also ordered Lilly chocolate chips.  Pam’s Midwestern Kitchen Korner inspired me to seek out both the pans and these chips.     Lilly chocolate chips are of the mini variety and are sweetened with stevia.   Honestly, I really couldn’t tell the difference.   Pam inspired me to not only buy these pans and the chips, she also gave me the inaugural recipe for my donut pans:  Sugar Free Chocolate Donuts.

These donuts are amazing.   I haven’t tried the chips in anything but the donuts yet, but I will make cookies utilizing them soon.

There’s a new cookbook in my kitchen.  Imagine that!   I received a copy of The What to Eat When Cookbook.

I previously reviewed Roizen and Crupain’s first bookWhat to Eat When, in January of 2019.   At the time of that review I was wondering why there were no recipes included.   Now I know they were working on a full fledged cookbook.

My review of the cookbook will be up on April 24.  Stay tuned!

I have been creating some tasty tidbits, but I wouldn’t really call these recipes—just thrown-together goodness and mostly for breakfasts and lunches.  My most recent cravings include  scrambled eggs with cream cheese (or goat cheese), chives and Berbere spice and a baked sweet potatoes with same toppings.  (I’m lucky enough to have a surplus of garlic chives growing everywhere!!!)  I also made some pretty delicious chicken salad out of some leftover harissa chicken.

I found some ancient seeds that I guess I had been hoarding.   I started them just to see what would come up:

So far we have lots of bok choy, lettuce, cucumbers, and tomatoes up.   The lower left is a volunteer tomato of mysterious heritage, but hey, it’s growing so it got put in a nice big pot.  (I’m pretty sure it is a cherry tomato.)

I hope that this spring finds us all starting to emerge from the pandemic healthy (both physically and mentally).   Do take care, all!

I’m still working from home with no end in sight there.   Honestly, the past two weeks I feel like I’ve been busier than ever!  (ZOOM meetings, anyone?)

In My Kitchen is hosted by Sherry’s Pickings.   It’s a great group and a great way to see into kitchens around the world.  

Probably more than ever, I appreciate the blog-o-sphere.  It is keeping me from fixating too much on current events.   Thanks, all!  Stay safe and healthy!

18 comments to April 2020 “In My Kitchen”

  • The donut pans are so cute, but the chocolate donuts are even better 🙂 You too stay safe and healthy, Deb.

  • Mae

    Good to hear that you have enough food on hand to keep going for a while. I think the supply of produce and many other things will probably stay solid, but I fear shopping both for me and for other people.

    Be well… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • your doughnut pans are so cute. I have been sorting my pantry and have found some spices with 2015 ‘best before’ dates. hilarious, and in the bin they go… this virus is really doing my head in, and i am not getting much done which is ironic seeing as how there’s lots of time at home to do it in. the brain is just too too fuzzy. keep well and thanks for taking part of IMK. cheers sherry

    • Once I get to the inner recesses of the pantry and freezer, I’m afraid I will be tossing out a bit, too. 🙁 There’s just too much to comprehend lately…I get that. Sending good thoughts your way, Sherry!

  • OOh, I will have to find some of that prickly pear cactus tea! My usual Tazo Earl Grey is starting to get boring. Stay safe, Cristina

  • It sounds like you are coping very well living out of your pantry. I like like the sound of chicken salad made out of some leftover harissa chicken…thanks for the inspiration.

  • Liz

    I love these posts! Who knew there was Bulgarian yogurt floating around??? Not me! Thanks for sharing all your finds!!

  • Liz

    Scrambled eggs with goat’s cheese is wonderful, so creamy. I like the addition of chives and have some in the garden. Perfect dish for Sunday morning. I will be interested in your cookbook review. Stay well.

    • The cookbook review just got postponed until August 24 but I have been enjoying the book and have a few things marked to try.

  • I’ve never had Bulgarian yogurt, but we get Bulgarian feta cheese quite frequently and it is my favorite of all types of feta .

  • Love your doughnut pans! How fun. Seeds growing and spring has to be here, right? And I’ve never had Bulgarian yogurt. I wonder if we can get that here.