“In My Kitchen” October 2020

There was very little “store bought new” In My Kitchen last month.  That’s OK.  I don’t need anymore stuff!

In My Kitchen is hosted at the beginning of every month by Sherry’s Pickings.  It’s a platform to highlight anything new in your kitchen (and garden) like food products, produce, recipes, cookbooks, gadgets etc.

OK.  I did buy one gadget.

I’m a big-time and dedicated Yelper but of course, since March, all things Yelp has been put on hold.   We recently attended a virtually event via Zoom (of course) with a barista from a local coffee roaster.  He taught us how to make cold brew lattes, regular lattes and some fancy-equipment-needed coffees.   He was really good about giving us low-tech ideas for home barasta-ing.  So, in anticipation of the event (b/c we were encouraged to brew from home), I bought a cheap frother.

Locally roasted coffee, my FAVORITE mug, and my new frother.

WE LOVE IT.   Here’s the recipe for frothing milk at home with a less than $10 piece of equipment.   Place 8 oz. of milk in a mason jar.  Froth.   When foamy, place in microwave for 1 minute.   Make latte.   Genius!   I usually only order lattes out.  I’ve been making them from home now.

(If you’re unaware, Yelp hosts local events and these were some spectacular parties back in the day when we didn’t have to social distance.  You should check them out.)

We’ve gotten a few more things from the garden but it’s pretty sparse.   

I’d been eyeing this tomato for some times, praying that the squirrel or the grasshoppers would not devour it.  It was delicious.   No core at all.  We had this for our dinner one night.  (It was HUGE!)

We also picked four Arkansas Black Apples off our tree.

This was kind of a big basket.  🙂

We’ve grown very few peppers this year but a friend from work keeps us supplied.  He gave us Tabasco peppers so we dreamed up a mango-Tabasco fermented concoction.

Mangoes and Tabasco peppers fermenting away in the gallon jar in the foreground.

Here’s the finished product.

So good!  There’s just the right amount of bite to this.

The same friend gave us jalapenos and habaneros.   I made jelly and vinegar.

One habanero infusing vinegar.

The habanero jelly is so pretty, but with that beauty comes a bit of a kick!  (Here’s the recipe I adapted.) I used only 4 oz. of peppers and I pulsed them in the food processor until they were almost a pulp.  I CANNOT imagine using the called-for half pound!  The taste is great but it is HOT.

Habanero jelly on top. Love the color.

For the Jalapeno-Habanero Jelly, I used my old standby Tequila Pepper Jelly and added one habanero.

Jalapeno-Habanero Jelly on top.

You might recall that David Chang’s memoir, Eat a Peach, was on my recent TBR list.   

I couldn’t wait any longer and I ordered it.  Haven’t fully dived in but I have cracked the cover.  I love his ironic voice.

So, in conclusion:

  • Happy Fall!!!!!
  • Happy cooler weather (or warmer weather to our Southern Hemisphere friends).
  • Happy Halloween (upcoming)

The holiday season is approaching.  Are you starting to plan holiday posts?  Are you already making gifts from you kitchen?



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