Characters I’d Name a Pet After for TTT (highly influenced by T.S. Eliot)

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by Artsy Reader Girl.  This week’s list challenge:  Characters I’d Name a Pet After.  These could be our own pets (present or future), ten different animals with the name and animal type, or we could choose ten names that would make fun cat names, etc.  Basically, whatever we wanted to do would fly.  (This topic was submitted by Nushu @ Not A Prima Donna Girl.)

Eliot the cat

I didn’t have to go far.  Our cat is named Eliot, after T.S.  While Thomas Stearns Eliot is not a literary character, he did dream up some fabulous “practical” cat names.  Some of his other poetic characters had some definitely pettable names as well.

Let’s begin.

  1. Prufrock (from “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock”).  If I ever get a dog, he will be a big lovable galloot  and and I will name him after the poor sap in this poem.  I would also teach him to adore peaches.
  2. Madame Sosostris (from The Wasteland). This would be the perfect name for a cat (beyond Eliot’s Book of Practical Cats which will be referred to later in the list).  Madame Sosostris and her mysterious Tarot cards would just fit a Persian cat.
  3. Eugenides.  I know that he’s from The Wasteland, too,  which might not be where one would find pet-name inspiration, but I just love this name.  I picture a corgi for some reason.   (I also realize the Mr. Eugenides represents the themes of infertile sexuality but I still like the name.)
  4. Miss Helen Slingby (from “Aunt Helen”).  A great name for a registered AKC animal.
  5. Apollinax (from “Mr. Apollinax”).  This might be a mouthful but would it not be the perfect name for a race horse?  I would bet on it.  (I might have been influenced by “I heard the beat of centaurs’ hoofs over the hard turf”.)
  6. Mr. Mistoffelees (from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats).  Of course, I could not finish the list without referencing this work.  And, I challenge you to finish your day without the “Mr. Mistoffeeles” song as an earworm.
  7. Gus (from “Gus: The Theatre Cat”).  Actually, my sister’s dog is named Gus (probably not after this poem, though).
  8. Bustopher Jones (from “Bustopher Jones: The Cat about Town”).  Love how this just rolls off the tongue.  “Bustopher Jones, Bustopher Jones, come her.”  (For some reason I hear this in a David Sedaris voice.)
  9. Skimbleshanks (from “Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat”).  This name totally fits a feral, battered, tomcat.
  10. Eliot himself.  Obviously, I named our cat Eliot, not after any “Practical Cat” but after the poet himself (of whom I adore).

Next week’s TTT topic is “Thanksgiving/I’m Thankful for…”   It’s a freebie!

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