May Food ‘n Flix announcement: Bottle Shock

Welcome to the May edition of Food ‘n Flix and Bottle Shock.

Chris Pine as cellar rat Bo Barrett in Bottle Shock.

Before we go any further, I just have to say…

Chris, please fix your hair!!!

Ok.  I got that out of the way.  Shall we get to the film?

Bottle Shock is of the based-on-a-true story genre.   It tells the David and Goliath tale of the fledgling (at least on the world market) California wine industry circa 1976.   An entrepreneurial British wine snob wants to create a blind tasting between French wines and these brash young Yankees, thus the “Judgement of Paris” takes place and puts Napa on the map.

I had heard of this blind tasting but I really didn’t realize it’s significance to the California wine industry.   Just so you know, there’s not a huge amount of food in this film, but there is lots of wine.  Feel free to draw inspiration from wine-soaked foods, California or French cuisine (or a fusion effort), or a great pairing.

I’m not sure the film is worthy of the Sideways or Little Miss Sunshine comparison, but I did enjoy it and learned a lot.  I can’t wait to see what Food ‘n Flix members think!

Food ‘n Flix is open to everyone.  Just watch the film with foodie goggles on, get inspired and post.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Watch Bottle Shock. Taking inspiration from the film, head into the kitchen and create a recipe.
  2. Post about it on your blog with a link back to THIS POST. Use of the logo is optional.
  3. Alternately (or in addition to), post a photo of the dish you made on Instagram (public accounts only). You must include the following in your caption: short intro, recipe (if only posting on Instagram), #FoodnFlix and tag @foodnflix.
  4. Your post must be current (during month of film). And, of course we don’t mind if your post is linked to other events…the more the merrier.
  5. Have fun with it and enjoy some wine!
  6. Email your entries to me at (and cc: and include:

    -your name
    -name of blog as you want it written (or Instagram account)
    -name of the dish/drink you created AND a direct link to your post (blog or Instagram)
    -attach a photo or give permission to pull one from your post
    -indicate “Food ‘n Flix Submission” in the subject line

    Submissions are due by the end of the day on May 31, 2021!

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