August 2021 “In My Kitchen”

Where did the summer go?  Yes, I know that summer doesn’t officially end until September 21, but if you’re involved in public schools (which I still am), your summer ends the second or third week of August.  🙂

I did read some great books in July and made some pretty decent “inspired-by” posts.  If you’re interested in crime-thrillers with a bit of a supernatural twist, pick up The North Face of the Heart.  If you like culinary non-fiction in the food history genre, pick up 97 Orchard Street.  I’m currently reading Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost by Lindsay Marcott and am enjoying it (and looking for food references).

My favorite new thing (more for the patio and boat than the kitchen) is this gift.

My best friend recently went to Key West and she knows I’m a Hemingway fan.   I love this koozie and I will probably not take it to the lake.  It’s too precious to potentially lose overboard.

Now for something to put in my koozie.   If you’re from the Oklahoma, you probably grew up with Sonic.  I know think they have locations in all 50 states.    We have 271 locations in our state, the most of anywhere else.  Almost every small town has a drive-in.   A local brewery is now producing Sonic Hard Seltzers.     I have only tried the traditional flavors (lemonade, limeade, cherry-limeade, and lemon berry).   They are delicious and almost too drinkable.  (I have not tried the tropical flavors yet.  I have heard they are not as good.)


I have been picking tomatoes.  The Black Cherry plant has finally kicked in.  They are my all time favorite.  At some point, we couldn’t eat them all so I started canning.

Chef’s Choice Hybrids are also a good find.   The yellow tomatoes are Kellogg.  

Since I have some bugs working at some of the fruit, I usually bring those ugly tomatoes in, trim them up and roast them for tomato sauce.

I’ve made some pretty delicious salsa.

A friend from The Hubs’ workplace brought us some peppers and cucumbers.   I decided to make a quinoa tabbouleh and pickle peppers.  No photos but the quinoa was delicious.  Why don’t I make that more.

Regarding the peppers, I made some Beer Pickled Jalapenos and some traditionally canned jalapenos.  I also used an old recipe (basically just a straight vinegar brine) for the other peppers.  He grows only the hottest varieties so I’m not sure how I will use some of these.

I also harvested a lot of garlic so I revisited one of my favorite ways to preserve garlic, Garlic Confit.   This is the best stuff.  You can slather it on bread, put on a grazing board for crackers, or top a baked potato.  My absolute favorite thing to do with it comes in November.   I will make a paste of it and slather it under the skin of my turkey before it goes into the oven.  It’s divine.  

I’ve also canned up tomato sauce.

That’s it for July.   Maybe the garden will start producing peppers soon and I can have some news of that for September’s IMK.

In My Kitchen is hosted by Sherry’s Pickings.  Check out all the posts from kitchens around the world.  Here’s my curveball for this month:  flowers blooming on the patio.

Plumeria, morning glory tree, and a banana bloom.

12 comments to August 2021 “In My Kitchen”

  • The fresh tomato salsa looks really good and I love garlic confit!

  • Liz

    So envious of your beautiful tomato crop! I’m not sure if I’ll even get one, LOL. New plan for next year 🙂

  • Yay for tomato season. We’re about to start getting our locally grown here in Colorado. Probablu this week. Have you read Kitchens Of The Great Midwest?

  • Summer produce is so great! Looks like you have a great variety in your kitchen. Key West is fun — if you ever get there, definitely worth visiting the Hemingway house.

  • When my brother and I were kids, our last day of school was always June 12, on our mother’s birthday. I always told her that her birthday present from us was that we would be home a few months. Of course we did buy her presents too.

    I recently bought a copy of 97 Orchard Street but haven’t started it yet.

    My son and I are going to Key West the week before Christmas. I can’t wait.

    I love Sonic! I love that they make your food when you order it. My favorite item is the Soft Pretzel Twist. They aren’t selling Sonic Hard Seltzers there yet. My granddaughter in law is a District Manager for Sonic, my granddaughter works there while going to college, and my grandson worked there for a few years.

    I love tomatoes, salsa, and cucumbers. When my brother and I were kids, our last day of school was always June 12, on our mother’s birthday. I always told her that her birthday present from us was that we would be home a few months. Of course we did buy her presents too.

    Pretty flowers!

  • Mae

    Life at the lake looks more and more dreamlike.

    best… mae at

  • i had to laugh at the ugly tomatoes. poor things!:) A koozie? for keeping drinks cold? we call them stubby holders (due to a particular size of beer being a stubby, i think).
    keep well and thanks for joining in IMK.

  • We have just started getting hard seltzers here but so far I have only tried a berry one. Your tomatoes are certainly proving to be abundant, what a blessing.

  • Oh I love your tomatoes! Ugly tomatoes are still lovable, especially when they are fresh and you grew them yourself 🙂 People always tell me tomatoes are super easy to grow but I managed to kill quite a few plants in this life time… I can’t get the watering amount right

  • Gorgeous tomatoes. Lov all of the pictures. Garlic confit is an absolute must to always have in the fridge. Love the idea of spreading the paste on the turkey. I need to remember to do that this year.

  • allotment2kitchen

    Homegrown tomatoes are the best, no matter how ugly they are. I cannot wait to start harvesting mine.

  • I haven’t tried a selzer in a long time. Love those tomatoes! It’s so hot here that I can’t seem to grow anything now. So frustrating.