“In My Kitchen” January 2022

Well, we made it again.   Since 2020, it’s been a bit touch and go.

I am thrilled and pleased to be writing my January 2022 IMK post with all the good things that Santa brought for our kitchen this year.

This is a group shot of items that were gifted by my mom and sister.   From L to R:  organic coffee, white wine vinegar, Cajun popcorn seasoning (along with a bag of old school popcorn), BBQ rub, home smoked chipotle peppers, curry dilled green beans, southwest spice, and spicy zucchini relish.

Just a few notes (besides a huge THANK YOU):

  • The coffee was delicious.   Some of the best beans we’ve had.
  • My sister made the white wine vinegar from scratch—using grapes she harvested.  We used it in a salad dressing for Christmas dinner.
  • I love that we received old school popcorn that you actually have to pop in oil in a pan.  (Remember that?)
  • I can’t wait to use the seasonings and that zucchini relish.  Mom said it was great on chicken and fish.   Personally, I want to try it on a hot dog.
  • And those curried green beans.   There are no words.

Also made by the Sis:  a hop vinegar cleaner and her Bee’s Knees cream.   Not sure what all the ingredients are for the Bee’s Knees but it is miraculous stuff.  She used her own bees wax to make this batch.  My bestie gave us this wine from Scout & Cellar, a 2020 Galivant Chardonnay and a 2020 Fieldhouse 301 Cabernet Sauvignon.

We received the annual Harry & David treats from my sister-in-law’s family.  I love the wooden crate it came in and will use that next year during the holidays.   As you can see, we have opened up most of the bags to sample.

For our holiday menu, we whipped up some Green Chile Stew for lunch on Christmas Eve, spread out the obligatory Christmas Eve Buffet, started a new tradition with Pizza Strata for Christmas brunch and had Bœuf Bourguignon for Christmas dinner.   

Thanks for snapping this photo and sharing it, Mom.   Also, mom made the best French bread to accompany the Bœuf.  She also brought a ham that The Hubs smoked for our Super Sandwiches on the Christmas Eve Buffet.

For my curveball this month, I want to share a few things that I made for gifts.This is a laptop sleeve that I made for my sister.  I need to replicate this and make one for myself.   

I pieced together an infinity scarf (back of chair) and a throw pillow for Mom.

I’m probably most proud of this banner that I made (with hand embroidery and custom cut-out-by-hand lettering).   I really want to make one of these to keep, too.   This banner went to my sister.

Also going to my sister was this custom made neck pillow.   Yes, it is made out of jockey shorts.  We have a running gag with her family and gift something creatively made every year out of “tidy-whiteys.”  Last year it was their turn and they made us a burgee for the boat.

Tag, Sis…you’re it.  Can’t wait to see what you dream up for us next year.


Happy New Year to all!


Sherry’s Pickings  hosts “In My Kitchen.”   Sherry is taking a blogging break until February but I am still posting for January.  🙂





4 comments to “In My Kitchen” January 2022

  • mae

    Your Christmas celebrations must have been a lot of fun. Great that you were able to be with family, which is getting difficult again.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  • Glenda

    Our Christmas celebrations are indeed fun. The coffee beans came from the Amazon forest where they are grown under the canopy of the trees. Funds are used to help save the trees. It was purchased at the Arbor Day foundation farm In Nebraska City. We were glad to be together after Covid kept us apart last year. I love my pillow and scarf. As always we ate really good. Thanks Deb & Mike.

  • Mjskitchen

    What great stuff you got for the holidays! I love the way your family gives mostly homemade gifts. I always enjoy the homemade stuff the most. Thanks for sharing! Happy 2022!

  • so many fabulous things deb. the zucchini relish looks so good; and i’m super impressed with your sister’s vinegar! see you in Feb!