Movies & Munchies Round Up: The Shape of Water

I hosted The Shape of Water for the Movies & Munchies September feature.   If you haven’t seen The Shape of Water, it is odd.  I mean, it’s a Guillermo del Toro film.   (Enough said.)  The leading man is a sea monster (Doug Jones)  à la Creature from the Black Lagoon and the ingenue (Sally Hawkins) is a mute custodian.   She’s loyal friends with a co-worker (Octavia Spencer) and very close with her flat-mate, Giles (Richard Jenkins).    The villain (Michael Shannon) is a cold-war misogynist with his sights set on advancement.  Russian spies have a role, too.

I enjoyed the film but we had some mixed reviews from our Movies & Munchies die hard members.   Let’s dive right in.  (Get it?)

Wend from A Day in the Life on the Farm was first up with a delicious looking meatloaf.  She was inspired by a lunch at work with Zelda and a bowl of Cornflakes that Giles muses upon.  She whipped up a meatloaf dinner  using cornflakes instead of the breadcrumbs.

Wendy was a fan:  “It is a very different kind of film but I really liked it.  It has an avatar-type of feel to it.”

Amy’s Cooking  Adventures was up next with an apple pie.  Giles visits a pie shop quite often where there are a lot of day-glo pies rotating on display shelves.

Amy’s pie featured precooked apples (so it wasn’t soggy) and a beautifully decorated top.   She wasn’t a huge fan of the film:  “I’m usually up for a good sci-fi but this one was pretty heavy in the weird part of the sci-fi/supernatural genre.”

Culinary Cam featured the perfect hard boiled egg.

I always struggle with this technique so I appreciate the instructions.  She took her inspiration from the first meal Elisa and the monster have when she offers him part of her lunch.   Camilla sums up the film perfectly:  “The Shape of Water is part fairy tale, part love story, part monster movie, and fully Guillermo del Toro.”

I also went with the egg theme.  With a ton of eggs needing used, I made an egg salad that was perfect for sandwiches, on top of greens and even as a dip with crackers.  

Like I said, there are a few die-hard movie fans left in this group that post every month.   Please consider joining us.  You can join our Facebook group for more details.  Just search Movies & Munchies.

Camilla is hosting our October round and we get to chose any Halloween movie we want.  It’s a scary pot luck!

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