And the KC adventure begins: Christopher Elbow and Glacé

We went to Kansas City this weekend and I really think I am ready to move.  But, where to live—the funky Crossroads  District in a loft, the Plaza area in a condo, or the River Market neighborhood so we could take advantage of the AWESOME farmers’ market, green grocers, and ethnic markets?

We have so many foodie adventures from last weekend that it will probably take me a week worth of posts to cover everything!

Let’s start with the sweet stuff first, Christopher Elbow and Glacé

Our waitress at lunch suggested that we run to Christopher Elbow afterwards.  She said the artisanal chocolates were works of art in themselves.  She was not wrong.  We bought a box of nine tempting truffles and they lasted us all weekend (but we did have to show some restraint).   We bought caramel infused with rosemary, caramel made with passion fruit, caramel with Fleur de Sel, hazelnut, caramel infused with fresh ginger, raspberry pate de fruit topped with dark chocolate raspberry ganache, strawberry caramel finished with balsamic vinegar, Dulce de leche, and pistachio.  We were also able to sample the tequila lime (fresh lime juice, Anejo tequila and salt in white chocolate ganache).   All were sublime!

We were there for First Friday  and we were told that if we visited again after 6:00, the chocolates were $1 a piece.  I definitely want to revisit this shop in the winter so I can try the “liquid chocolate.”  We were not in the mood with the temperature at 98 degrees with 95% humidity. 

The wonderful chocolate expert at Christopher Elbow’s told use we also had to visit Glacé, Elbow’s artisanal ice cream shop.  These ice cream treats were definitely appreciated with the above mentioned weather.

You can purchase a small and get two flavors or a large with three flavors.  (Samples were free and seemed limitless, but we did restrain ourselves again.)  I got a small with Pineapple Cilantro and Peach Prosecco Sorbets.  Is this not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

My husband was not quite so adventurous and got the peaches and cream ice cream.  It was great, but he did keep sneaking tastes of my pinapple-cilantro sorbet.  I think the most unusual flavor was “Farmer Bob’s Sweet Corn.”  I heard someone behind us say that was her all-time favorite.

So, what other culinary adventures did we have in KC?   There is definitely more to come including a fantastic dive and a sublime experience at Michael Smith.   I have some great pictures of the beautiful produce at City Market (we made a visit both Saturday and Sunday) and I have to tell you about my brush with greatness. 

Please stay tuned!

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