Grammy’s Grape Pudding

When I quizzed my mother as to what was her favorite dish growing up, she immediately brought up Grammy’s Grape Pudding.  I was not fortunate enough to have known “Grammy,” my great grandmother, so I relied on my mother’s memory for this recipe.  (It didn’t take us long to locate it in the family-compiled recipe book.)  The original recipe called for “No. 2” cans and Welch’s “in a bottle.”  Mom remembers that having anything with Welch’s in it was a huge treat!

As we were working on updating this recipe, Mom reminisced:  “After Grammy and Grampy moved to town, they would come back to the farm for Sunday dinner.  Almost every Sunday, Grammy would come in carrying a familiar pink Pyrex bowl.  Everyone knew what was in this bowl—her grape pudding!” 

Everyone looked forward to the family Sunday dinner, and mostly because they all knew that the pink Pyrex bowl would be accompanying Grammy.  Mom said that she and her three siblings would always devour it.

The original recipe calls for 1 quart of Welch’s and a No. 2 can of pineapple.  The original family recipe reads as follows:  “1 c. tapioca, 1 QT grape juice; cook 20 minutes.  Add 1 c. sugar slowly take off and let cool.  Add juice of 1 orange, 1 c. pecans, No. 2 can of pineapple.  Line pan with vanilla wafers.” Mom and I have tried to update the recipe.

Every once in a while, my mom will surprise us with the family favorite.

 Grammy’s Grape Pudding

 1 c. minute tapioca
1 qt. grape juice
1 c. sugar
juice of one orange
1 c. pecans, chopped
1 (1 lb., 4 oz.) can of crushed pineapple
1 box Vanilla Wafers 

In a mixing bowl, mix tapioca and grape juice and let set for ten minutes. Pour in a heavy sauce pan and heat to simmer and simmer for 20 minutes.   After 20 minutes, slowly add the sugar.  Stir well and remove from heat.  Let cool.  Add juice of one orange, pecans and pineapple (do not drain).  Stir well to combine. 

Line serving bowl with vanilla wafers.   Carefully pour mixture on top of wafers.  Refrigerate until set.

Although I was not there, just from mom’s remembrance of this recipe, I can picture a faded pink Pyrex bowl brimming full with this purple concoction. 



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