Grammy’s Banana Fritters

I guess I am on a nostalgic kick this week.  Again, here is a recipe from Grammy (my great grandmother).  My uncle LOVED these and we would usually make them when he visited us (the morning after pizza night).

Banana Fritters

1 c. flour
1 t. salt
1/2 t. baking powder
2 T. sugar or more
1 c. milk
1 egg
powdered sugar

Sift flour, salt, baking powder and sugar.  Add milk to make medium batter.  Add beaten egg.  Beat until smooth.  Slice banana into chunks.  Roll in flour and then in batter.  Fry in deep fat fryer.

Sprinkle powdered sugar over top.

Another warning is needed here:  Make sure they are cool before popping them in your mouth.  I don’t know how many severe mouth burns I have experienced because of impatience.


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