Great Garden Shop

Yesterday I wrote about our trip to Houston and it being non-stereotypical (because I LOVE my in-laws), but I do have to confess that we did fit the Texas stereotype in one sense—we went to the shooting range.  (And, I am not talking about photos.)  Isn’t it a requirement to carry a gun in Texas?  We had a blast (no pun intended) but I would offer this caveat—do not wear a low v-neck shirt when shooting a pistol.  You never know where those shells are going to end up. 

A funky trellis at Nelson's

After blowing away targets, we did visit one of our favorite garden shops, Nelson Water Garden and Nursery.  We try to visit every time we go to Houston.   It is a great place for landscaping and garden art ideas.  The staff is always really helpful and we always seem to find a sale on garden containers.  (We never come back with an empty trunk.)

It is so peaceful to wander through their water garden displays:

Exotic water lilies

A few of their Koi specimens.

This time I seemed to find a lot more inspiration for our garden and a lot more eclectic items.   (And, a lot more to inspire me to get back in the pottery studio.)

Watering jugs


Great garden art

I love these two garden stools stacked on top of each other.

When you are in the Houston area, seek this place out.

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