Fairy Rings

Our recent heavy rains gave our fall gardens a kick start.  As the temperature is slowly falling, my geraniums and some of the herbs are finally look healthy.  The fall tomatoes even look like we might get a few fruits before frost.  (Frost seems tremendously far away though; the daytime highs are still in the 90s.)

After these rains, huge toadstools began to appear in the yard.  First there was just one gigantic one on the east lawn, followed by more in the front and on the west lawns.  Finally, the fairy rings appeared.

I know that these are really harmful fungi and it means that your lawn may be diseased, but we love them and carefully mow around them. 

I prefer to believe that fairies might really be dancing in our yard in the moonlight rather than think that killer fungi might be killing our lawn!

Actually, I just read that Marasmius Oreades (the common fungi that causes fairy rings) is edible.  I, however, am not going to be a guinea pig!

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