Pickling again

I have been pickling all summer—homegrown cucumbers, carrots, green beans, and even grapes.  (I also made some “cheater pickles;”  see “My Favorite Uncle’s Pickles.”) 

Now it was time for okra.

Finally, I made it to the garden to pick “baby” okra—meaning, I had been picking regularly and I hadn’t overlooked any monster pods!  (It never fails, I can go over the patch twice when picking and the next day I will find at least four tough, inedible, overgrown pods!)

I picked about two pounds so I went on line to try to find a small pickled okra recipe.  I found one that appealed to my love of nostalgia:  Grandma Oma’s Pickled Okra

I pulled three dried red chilis from the ristra I bought in Taos, threw in some dill seeds that I had dried from the garden, and voila—three jars of pickled okra.  I can’t wait to put these on a relish tray this Thanksgiving!

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