New Foodie Read

You know that I am always on the hunt for a good foodie read.  Well, I found one:

This was one of my “recommendations” from Amazon.  (All of their recommendations for me are foodie books now OR Piggy and Elephant books which I also LOVE.)

I just got my copy, the premier edition, last night.

I LOVE Lucky Peach!   The illustrations are awesome and the writing is humorous, in a dark way.  Right up my alley.

It was created by David Chang and Peter Mehann.  It is a quarterly publication that will focus on a different foodie theme each month.   This month:   Ramen.

Besides Chang and Mehann, Ruth Reichl is a contributor this quarter as well as Anthony Bourdain.  (And, you know how I feel about him!)

I have just started reading about Chang and Mehann’s trek to Japan.   I am hooked.

Sorry to gush on and on, but the illustrations are out of this world too.

I can't wait to read this article.

Ruth Reichl rating ramen?  (How is that for alliteration?)  For some reason I find this very oxymoronic.   I mean, the former editor of Gourmet rating standard ramen noodles?

No caption needed.

Check it out.   Order it now!   I have already pre-ordered Volume II, out in November.   (There is also an iPad app.)

I will leave you with a couple outstanding quotes from the first issue:

While Chang and Meehan were traveling in Japan they found “the coffee would’ve pleased Agent Dale Cooper.”  (Now that was a blast from the past!)

“There was a period earlier in my career when I thought I was a genius on the basis of really not much.”  –Anthony Bourdain from “Mediocrity:  a conversation”  (There were many more from this article that were quote-worthy, but this is a family friendly blog, at least most of the time.)



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