Chicago, Dinos, and The Boss

Just to update, this is the second installment over the great time I had last weekend.   What was so great about the weekend, you might ask?

  1. We found a crazy (in a good way) burger joint in downtown Des Moines (as we were just passing through) called Zombie Burger.   (See my last post for more details.)
  2. We got to visit family in Iowa.
  3. Then, my sister, nephew and I traveled to Chicago to see Bruce Springsteen at Wrigley Field.   (My sister is a crazed Bruce Springsteen fan.   And, I mean crazy crazed!)

We arrived in northern Iowa on Friday afternoon,  surprised my two nephews by picking them up at school, and had a great meal where the eldest nephew showed some culinary chops (more about that later).

The next morning, Sis, eldest nephew and I set out for Chi Town and “The Bruce Adventure.”

It takes five hours to drive from my sister’s house in Iowa to Chicago.    Guess what we listened to the entire way?

That would be correct—her entire archive of Bruce Springsteen CDs.

Prior to our trip to the Bruce Springsteen concert at Wrigley Field last weekend, I told her I knew no songs past 1989.    I knew the lyrics to “Dancin’ in the Dark, “Born in the USA,” and “Born to Run.”

By the time we hit Chicago traffic I knew a lot more.

It is so funny that my sister is this Springsteen zealot.    To know her, she is the typical academic—a college professor of political science with a serious streak for her students.   But, her love for The Boss started somewhere in junior high and I wish I could pinpoint when the craze started.

Her five-year-old son can sing all the words to “Outlaw Pete,” but it was the eleven-year-old who had the pleasure of accompanying his crazed mother and this “along for the ride” aunt.     When I asked my nephew why he agreed to attend the concert with his mom and me, he said, “Mom said I should go see him before he died.”  🙂

We were able to fit a quick visit to the Field Museum.

Field Museum with Sears Tower (or whatever it is called now) in the background.

Sue and Sue’s portrait.

Sue and ptaradactyl.

Like I said, we squeezed in this visit.   We barely had enough time to see Sue, the Egyptian exhibit and the gems.    I was more fascinated with the wedding reception that the staff was sitting up.

They definitely lowered these orange shades and I think they may have even hung them especially for this event.

Can you imagine having your wedding reception here?

What in the world do you think this cost?

We stayed at The Palmer House and my nephew was fascinated with valet parking.   Then as we walked in to this four-star hotel, he stated, “You can’t tell me there isn’t a casino hooked to this!”   I made a mental note to ask my sister where they had been taking him.  🙂

We were able to grab a quick meal at Miller’s Pub, a quaint steak house.   The nephew surprised me by ordering a house specialty, The Greek Burger.   I snagged a bite and it was delicious with peppers, parsley and onions mixed in the beef and toasty feta cheese on top.

Another menu shot. (This one is not as startling as Zombie Burgers’.)

After dinner, we walked to the subway and boarded for Wrigley Field.

A concert review and trying to answer the nephew’s question as to why he seemed the youngest one in attendance.


P.S.   I just ordered “Wrecking Ball” at Amazon.  🙂




10 comments to Chicago, Dinos, and The Boss

  • Chicago is such a fun place to visit. My daughter and her family live there. I do love Wrigley Field–we saw the Cubs play. If you want a real experience go to Chicago on the 4th of July attend a Cubs game, go to the Taste of Chicago and watch the fireworks. You will be there with 3 million of your best friends! We took our 6 kids it was one crazy experience. They saw things that no 11 year old child should ever see. He is now 23 and still talks about ‘that day’!
    There is so much to see and do in Chicago but when we go now we just love our 4 grandkids. When they get a little older we will go back to the Shed Aquarium, The Field Museum, Grant Park etc. etc.

    • The Nephew was dying to go to the aquarium but the line was literally out the door. The Hubs and I visited last May and my sis and I actually visited Chicago together in 1991. We had more fun this time!

  • Jamie

    I was at the Bruce show at Wrigley this week-end too. We went on Friday night and from your post -it looks like you were there for Saturday’s show. We also stayed at the Palmer House – we were “walking in as you were walking out”(obligatory Bruce song-quote) Concert was just off the charts — we happened to get in the front row of the GA section and Bruce was just on – even wore my friend’s Pink cowboy hat during Darlington County. My 25th show and he just keeps getting better and better (even though I don’t know how it is possible.) Looking forward to hearing about your concert experience!!!

    • Wow–yeah, we were there on Saturday night. I told my sister I appreciated her buying the cheap seats that were under some cover as it started raining around 9:30. 🙂 Actually, the seats were pretty good and I think I had more fun than that uber crazy fan of a sister of mine. It was awesome!

  • I love reading about your holidays and seeing the pictures – oh the eats and the awesome things to see 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  • This sounds like so much fun!! It’s really fun how crazed your sister is for Bruce Springstein. I haven’t been crazed about anyone since Aerosmith and while I still love them, the craze for me has passed.

  • Fun in the windy city! I’ve only been to Chicago once and loved it! Can’t wait to hear about the concert! Watched a concert of his this weekend on the Palladia channel.

    • Was it the London concert? My Sis actually drove down to see that film last summer because we had one of the few independent theaters that were showing it FIRST! It was another great sisterhood-togetherness moment. (P.S. Can’t wait to see the kitchen completed!)