Some more local festivities….

Besides the Dia de los Muertos Festival we attended at the first of the month, we have had a couple of other cool outings in November.    With it being Thanksgiving weekend with family here, I wanted to just write a short post about First Draft and Eat Street.

I love this retro pic from their promotional poster.

First Draft was a benefit for the Tulsa Press Club’s scholarships and other philanthropic activities.    We were excited to go because ALL of the Oklahoma microbreweries and craft beer artisans would be represented.   It is so cool to talk to them as they are all passionate about what they do.    We were introduced to a few new ones like  Black Mesa, Prairie Artisan Ales, and Dead Armadillo (love that name).

For more information about Oklahoma’s craft brewers, click here.

Our next outing was to the inaugural Eat Streets.   (Rumor has it that there is another one planned this spring.)

I am fascinated by food trucks and that is honestly one of the reasons we visited Austin for the first time.   Sad, I know.  We didn’t visit the capital and we didn’t visit any music venues.   It was all about the food.   Needless to say I am an avid viewer of The Great Food Truck Race.

When I heard about this festival, we were there.   (It was actually my request to go here for my birthday dinner!)

This festival was located in the Blue Dome District of Tulsa.

The “famous” (in Tulsa) Blue Dome.

There were 15 food trucks here with some other vendors.

We had a great Brownie’s hamburger, a catfish and bacon slider, a meatloaf-mac n’ cheese slider (both from Smoke), a Guinness chocolate cupcake and a sublime pumpkin spice cupcake (from Alter [Egos] Cupcakery).    We could have kept on and on and on and on, but we would have been miserable.   I can’t wait for the spring festival where we will try to make two trips—one for lunch and one for dinner.

Another truly sucky picture. I apologize!

Needless to say, we were stuffed.    (No food pics because it was crowded and WINDY and I had a hard time holding food, eating food, not losing The Hubs, and people watching.)

Where are the fashion police when you need them?  (I’m just sayin’.)

There were some awesome food, great music, and some freaky people watching.    Come to think of it, I did feel like I was in Austin!  🙂

And so I don’t end on a truly snarky note, Eat Streets benefited Iron Gate, an organization that will have helped over 2,000 hungry Tulsans have a comforting Thanksgiving by the time you read this.

One more addition here:   Last week we went to All Soul Acoustic Coffee House  and saw Peter Mulvey.      We had never been and met friends there.   As we walked in, we were actually able to meet Peter.   This is a very laid back venue.   He is not only a gifted songwriter-singer-guitarist, but he is also hilarious!     What a great evening and Peter has at least two new fans.

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