The new green house.

I hope that everyone had a joyous Thanksgiving yesterday celebrating family, friends, and food.   What did you give thanks for?

One of the things that I am thankful for is to still be gardening in late November.    I had been wanting to post about our new green house for a while now and today is the day.

Last February we went dumpster diving  and found a treasure.

Right after we moved it in last February.

This is two awnings put together.

We actually didn’t go dumpster diving; I just like to say that.  The business owners were dumping this awning though and as soon as The Hubs saw it, his brain said “green house.”    We did have permission to swipe it.  🙂

This fall, we moved it over to the garden and covered it.

This was right before our first freeze warning.

Our existing hoop house is next door. It is covered with just frost cloth.

Now we have the door on and have even released lady bugs and red worms inside.

Our hoop house in the early evening glow.

Last week, I referenced my messy planting tendencies when I posted Soba Noodles and Beet Greens.

Well, here is the mess (in all its glory).

Beets (terribly over planted)

Carrots, chard and kale. (There is some spinach back behind.)

Fairly newly planted lettuces.

We have got to get that door covered because I had saved all the pepper plants, that is until last week and our 28 degree temperature.

They bit it.  🙁   I picked a five gallon bucket of jalapenos, serranos, green peppers and poblanos.   I have been making even more pepper jelly (see my apricot-jalapeno jelly and mango-jalapeno jelly), experimenting with a pineapple version, and roasting and freezing them.      Guess what everyone at work is getting for Christmas?   That is right—pepper jelly.

Don’t forget to visit a local shop today for Small Business Saturday.


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