My new theme: Restaurant Revs and Recs

OK, at least for now I am over my OCD Recipes Revisited theme.

You can all breath a sigh of relief.

So, what’s next?

I have been wanting to highlight some of the best eats in Tulsa (and surrounding areas) for a while now and today is the day.

Drum roll please….for EE’s Restaurant Revs (reviews) and Recs (recommendations).image

The upcoming posts will highlight some of our favorite haunts.   These posts won’t be the typical reviews because I love all of these eateries.  There will be no pans here.

Hopefully they will guide you if you are ever in our neck o’ the woods, motivate you to seek out some local joints in your area, or stir you to whip up some food inspired from these posts.

Ultimately, I would love to put all of these posts together in a travel guide for the fabulous Tulsa area.

For my previous attempts at Revs and Recs, click here.

Please stay tuned for some dives, some elegant eateries, and another cooking class at a nearby resort.

The first restaurant highlighted will be El Rio Verde.



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