Another Cooking class

These next series of posts will actually be a Rev and Rec for a restaurant that is not even opened yet.   How could we possibly review and recommend a restaurant that is still being built out and remodeled?


Chef Marcus Vause of Tavolo.

The answer is easy.   We joined Chef Marcus Vause  from Tavolo (opening soon) for a cooking class at The Stock Pot.   He highlighted some of the food that might make the menu for this new restaurant featuring modern Italian flavors.

Tavolo is opening in the space that was most recently occupied by Edward Delk’s.   (We loved this little bar and eatery and I tried to duplicate their herbed olives.)    We were sad to hear of its closing, BUT I am  in total anticipatory mode and cannot wait for Tavolo to open in this same location in downtown Tulsa.

What was on the menu for our cooking class?   We would be feasting on the following:

  • Crostini with chicken liver mousse and cherry mostarda
  • Charred octopus with smoked white bean puree, arugula and preserved lemon vinaigrette, and cotechino sausage
  • Pasta Puttanesca (Harissa linguine with San Marzano tomato sauce, castelvetrano olive, topped with fried capers tossed with bread crumbs)
  • Chicken Saltimbocca made in the most unusual (and delicious) fashion
  • Orange Panna Cotta with Campari foam.

Tavolo is set to open mid-May.   I can’t wait.

My initial pre-opening review for Tavolo is four stars.   My initial pre-opening recommendation is “You must go!”   Stay with us in upcoming posts for recipes and tips from Chef Marcus.

Here is a list of all of our cooking class adventures:

  1. Cooking with Chef Jennifer at Territory Cellars.
  2. Cooking with Chef Grant (from The Tavern) at The Stock Pot.
  3. Cooking with Chocolate and Chef Sarah from The Canebrake.

We attended this most recent class at the great kitchen and cooking gadget store, The Stock Pot.

Stay tuned for a mostarda recipe.

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