Pickled Carrots

I picked a peck of carrots to pickle….Somehow, that just doesn’t have the same ring to it as the old tongue twister.

This weekend it was time to clean out the hoop house and uncover it.    Most everything had started to bolt.   My sage was blooming and I have never seen the culinary variety do that.     Some of the lettuces had bolted up to three feet tall and the weeds were coming right along with them.

I had planted and replanted carrot row after carrot row and it was now harvest time.

Garden bounty.

Garden bounty.


A big pile of Cosmic Purple carrots.

Huge Carrots from Eliot's Eats' garden

Huge carrots!

No joke, I picked at least twenty pounds of carrots.    I made the most delicious (best ever) carrot cake thanks to Veronica at Veronica’s Cornucopia.   This state-fair winning recipe was in appreciation of helping out on a virtual fundraiser a while back.   If you ever have an occasion to do Veronica a favor, ask for this recipe in return!!!!!!!!      My mother even said it was better than my sister’s!     Thank you, Veronica!!!!!!!

That took a whole two cups of shredded carrots.

I had about 18 pounds to go.


The Hubs loves my pickled carrots so I pickled a half gallon jar for him.   For the pickled carrot recipe, click here.   (This time I added some mustard seed and celery seed to the pickling spices.)

Tri-colored  Pickled Carrots

Tri-colored Pickled Carrots

That carrot cake is so good I froze four bags all ready to go of shredded pre-measured carrots just for this recipe alone!

Beets from Eliot's Eats' Garden

Mom just told me about a vintage chocolate beet cake recipe. I am on the hunt.

Wow–I am down to 15 pounds of carrots plus all these beets.

I will leave you with some garden photos that should make you smile.    (If you want the same effect, just plant your carrots too close together.)

Three's a crowd.

Three’s a crowd.

Hugging carrots.

Hugging carrots.

It just goes to show you—you never know how the garden will surprise you.

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