Heirloom Bean Burrito with Goat Cheese and Romesco Sauce

We are fascinated with food trucks.    (Remember, one of our goals in life is to own an old bus, paint it Partridge-family psychedelic colors and sell ice cream by the side of the road.)

Any time there is a food truck event, we seem to be there.   Even on May 4 when it was rainy, windy, and 45 degrees.

2013-05-04 12.47.43

May in Oklahoma. Can you see the parkas?

We ventured out on this super rainy day to support our local food trucks at a food truck festival in Jenks, America.    We will sacrifice for a good food truck meal.

There is a local  Banh Mi truck that has a huge following.   The last food truck festival we attended in November, this truck was closed down at 6:00 p.m.—out of food.      At this festival, The Hubs attempted to stand in line for thirty minutes and then gave up.    (In the meantime, I had stood in line at another portable establishment and found us sustenance.)

2013-05-04 13.02.20

The line for these sandwiches   crossed the street and then started wrapping around down the sidewalk.   No doubt they are delicious but it was just too long of a wait for us!

But there were lots more than just trucks out.

Lola’s Caravan is a beautiful vintage Airstream trailer that features some delicious food with friendly service.   (Lola’s brick and mortar restaurant used to be housed where the beloved Tavern is today.)

I love the “Shiny Bullet,” the Anazazi bean burrito that resembles an “Airstream on the outside but beanie, cheesie-loaded wonderfulness on the inside.”

Who can resist “cheesie-loaded wonderfulness”?

Mom was coming for lunch and to spend Mother’s Day weekend with us.   I decided to make up my take on the “Shiny Bullet” with heirloom beans, goat cheese, onion, green chile sour cream, cilantro and romesco.   (Lola’s put romesco on everything and serves it on the side with tortilla chips.)

This takes some prep time time but all the ingredients keep for awhile for other recipes and dishes.

Here are the steps:

1.   Cook the heirloom Anasazi beans.   I am able to get these at our local grocery store.   For a fast and easy way to cook dried beans, follow these instructions:

Rinse beans and place in a large sauce pan with a tight fitting lid.   Add water so that three inches cover beans.  Bring to a boil, cover with lid, and turn off heat.   Let set for 90 minutes.

Anasazi beans

Anasazi beans

After 90 minutes, drain and rinse.  (Discard soaking water.)    Add back to pan and cover  with an inch of water.  Bring to boil, cover, and reduce to simmer.   Simmer for another 45  minutes (or until done).

2.   For the romesco sauce, click here.    Make it while the beans are cooking.

3.   Make the green-chile sour cream.

Combine 1 cup light sour cream with one small (4 oz) can Hatch green chiles and 1/2 T. green chile powder.


The green chili sauce and the romesco sauce also makes great dips..

4.  Saute one sliced onion until caramelized.

5.  When everything is prepped, create burritos.

Heirloom Bean Burrito with Goat Cheese, Romesco and Green Chile Sour Cream Sauces

1 large tortilla
3/4 c. cooked  Anasazi beans
Some caramelized onions
crumbled goat cheese
sprinkling of cilantro
dollop of romesco
drizzle of green chile sour cream sauce

Place ingredients in order in the burrito and fold it up.   Repeat as necessary.

More dollops than drizzles.  :)

More dollops than drizzles. 🙂


Beanie-cheesey wonderfulness.

Beanie-cheesey wonderfulness.


We also got some killer buffalo fries and a short rib sandwich at Local Table’s trailer (which also sadly does not have a restaurant anymore.)


30 comments to Heirloom Bean Burrito with Goat Cheese and Romesco Sauce

  • THAT is definitely some beanie cheesy wonderfulness right there. I’ll take two.

  • While I can’t see waiting in a line for that long for much of anything, I’d definitely take the time to cook that delicious, cheesy plate of food. Wow, it looks and sounds delicious.

  • Those colourful beans are really beautiful. Love your burrito!

  • I know your mom loved these burritos and the time you spent making them!

  • Liz

    Beanie and cheesy? Hope you saved me one!

  • Love the flavours in this Mexican creation 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Thanks. Romesco sauce is a Northern Spanish condiment. Green chilis from New Mexico. Feta. This is an international dish!

  • We have a food truck that comes to the park across the street every Tuesday. We just discovered it, so not much cooking on Tuesday’s now. 🙂 What a fabulous burrito! I love those Anasazi beans and your Romesco sauce sounds wonderful! Can’t go wrong with feta on a burrito! YUM!

  • I’ve never eaten at a food truck and we even have a popular one in Wichita-need to get on it! Debra, I’m not kidding you, as soon as I scrolled down to the final beanie cheesy wonderfulness picture (I often scroll through pictures first, then read later), I got up and had to make myself a bean burrito. It only took me five minutes and was not epic like the Silver Bullet but it hit the spot. The things you do to me! lol. Looks soooo so incredible!

    • This was the perfect dish for us this week. The last week (actually the last two weeks) of school is uber hectic. And, The Hubs had some early mornings and late nights at work this week. These were thrown together in five minutes many times this week. 🙂

  • I agree, Hatch green chiles are the best. This looks like one tasty dish! There is a Waffle Truck that is around town, I’ve got to try it. People say it is one yummy dish.

  • Oh my heavens that looks fantastic! how could you eat those beautiful beans?!?! I bet it would go fantastically with those pickled carrots you just posted. I’m way behind on reading because of the wedding and now the tornadoes! Just missed our house and on the way to your side of the state now. Stay safe!!

  • Love this fusion burrito! As well as food trucks. Is there anyone who didn’t want to have a bus like the Partridge Family growing up? I’m pinning this to my Recipes to Try board for when my vegetarian daughters are at home. Delicious!

    • If they like spicy, I would kick up the romesco sauce and the green chile sour cream a bit. I am adding jalapenos to this dish as soon as I get some from the garden!

  • That looks delicious – who would ever think of getting such wonderful chow from a food truck. Growing up, the food truck far was aimed at construction workers who liked burgers, plain sandwiches and hot dogs. Lookis good and great foodie advebture.
    You ahve temps in the 40’s and we are dealng with 90s. What a difference!

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  • Food truck food is just the best. And this looks like something I would just love. I’m always on the hunt for great beans recipes, and this is definitely on the list. I need to get some Anasazi beans – I’ve not worked with them yet.

  • Of course in my remote part of the world there is no such thing as a food truck….we had a BBQ one once, but it gave up and opened a restaurant. I think I’ll have a burrito for breakfast…wish it was yours!