Wasabi Quick Dilled Pickles

I heart my big, yellow Gourmet cookbook.   (I think that has been well-established.)   There are quite a few recipes that can be adapted to fresh produce from the garden.   If you are picking cukes, you must make this.    Especially if you are picking just a few a day.

The original recipe called for horseradish paste but having none, I added some of our favorite wasabi paste.

Wasabi Quick Dilled Pickles
based on Quick Dilled Pickles from The Gourmet Cookbook

1 lb. cucumbers
2 t. kosher salt
1 1/2 c. cider vinegar
1/2 c. sugar
4 T. dry mustard
1/2 to 2 t. wasabi paste (depending on your heat preference)
2 T. chopped fresh dill

Slice cucumbers length-wise on a mandoline.   Place in a medium mixing bowl and sprinkle with Kosher salt.   Toss and let sit for 15 minutes.   Rinse and drain.2013-07-28 15.10.24

In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the vinegar, sugar, mustard, wasabi, and dill.   Whisk until sugar is dissolved.2013-07-28 15.10.50

Stir in the cucumbers and let set at least five minutes.   Store in a sealable container.   Keeps covered in refrigerator for up to 4 hours.

“Keeps covered in refrigerator for up to 4 hours”??????2013-07-28 19.05.12

I guess Reichl and her Gourmet staff ate them all up immediately.   I kept them for a couple of days.   These are great on burgers and sandwiches!   (We like heat so I used the full 2 t. wasabi paste.   These did clean out our sinuses.  🙂


Abby, this isn’t a virtual flower for you today.   I am showing you  my favorite cacti garden.      2013-08-22 17.10.42But, I really wanted to show you what’s on the other side:   the muppet cacti.

2013-08-22 17.10.31

Seriously, does this not look like a muppet?

2013-08-22 17.10.14

Big mouth muppet.

And this is a lucky garden…

2013-08-22 17.10.52

This is a lucky pig….seriously, it is a lucky three-legged pig.

The pig and the muppets are sending you lots of giggles today.

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