Rabbit Food with Chicken Nuggets (and a book review of The Damage Done

In a world where it seems like we are living out a dystopian plot, it’s nice to read something that appears to depict utopia. The Damage Done by Michael Landweber might be just what we need.

About the novel: For fans of Ben Winters and Sarah Pinsker, this mind-bending and thought-provoking novel pushes the . . . → Read More: Rabbit Food with Chicken Nuggets (and a book review of The Damage Done

Greek Garden Veggie Salad with Grilled Corn

This salad is a perfect summer side (or a meal in itself). . . . → Read More: Greek Garden Veggie Salad with Grilled Corn

Please Meet Anna…..

Welcome to a late addition to C.L.U.E. as I try to rectify a formidable FUBAR. Here’s a great Black Bean Salad and a Pasta Mediterranean Salad from Anna Dishes. . . . → Read More: Please Meet Anna…..

Sweet Sriracha Pickles

I was inspired by pickled dirt.

Truly. I pickled some chard stems a while back and my mother assessed that they tasted like “pickled dirt.”

OK, so the pickled chard was an acquired taste but that pickling liquid was da’ bomb! I made up some of this sweet-hot brine and threw in some cukes . . . → Read More: Sweet Sriracha Pickles

Curried Chicken Salad with Cucumbers

I love summer. Specifically, I love July. July is the month that I can take my vacation and some much needed time off.

I won’t get on a soap box or anything today, but July is the month that I get to totally be out of the office. (I do still work on school stuff, . . . → Read More: Curried Chicken Salad with Cucumbers

Wasabi Quick Dilled Pickles

I heart my big, yellow Gourmet cookbook. (I think that has been well-established.) There are quite a few recipes that can be adapted to fresh produce from the garden. If you are picking cukes, you must make this. Especially if you are picking just a few a day.

The original recipe called for horseradish paste . . . → Read More: Wasabi Quick Dilled Pickles

Marinated Cucumbers and Onions

Zukes and cukes.

That is all I am getting from the garden.

Our tomatoes look lush and green. Little blossoms and little fruit. These are our favorites and I guess I will have to realize that I cannot grow tomatoes.

These are called Marketeer.

Zukes and cukes.

These all came up . . . → Read More: Marinated Cucumbers and Onions

Blackberry-Cucumber Water

I am addicted to flavored water this summer.

Last summer got me hooked when Sassy Water was making the Pinterest rounds.

Now I am experimenting with whatever fresh stuff I have in the kitchen.

Most recently (with 2 1/2 flats of blackberries to use), I dreamed this up.

I am really fickle, but this is . . . → Read More: Blackberry-Cucumber Water

Veggie and Pearl Couscous Herb Salad

A perfect summer salad for this month’s Secret Recipe Club. . . . → Read More: Veggie and Pearl Couscous Herb Salad

Red Quinoa Greek Salad

A salad for summer. (I know, I am rushing the season!) . . . → Read More: Red Quinoa Greek Salad