Stick a fork in it…

I love making gifts for gardeners.

I love collecting seeds from my own garden and passing them along as gifts.

I love gardens, gardening and fellow gardeners!

‘Tis the season!

Can a gardener ever have too many garden markers?   I think not.   So, these make the perfect gardening gift.

I found this cool and crafty idea at Artsy VaVa and pinned it right away this summer.    I found some cheap forks on Amazon (36 for $14), went to my overflowing bowl of wine corks in the kitchen and started making these great markers.

2013-11-19 07.48.32

My garden markers with harvested Holy Thai Basil seeds.

I had such a hard time finding Holy Thai Basil, that I harvested seeds to give as gifts along with my markers.    I used a Sharpie to letter my corks.  Artsy VaVa actually used a wood burner and hers looks so much nicer than mine.

2013-11-19 07.49.03

I used The Hubs vise and flattened my forks as much as possible.

2013-11-19 07.48.42Hopefully my giftee will have lots of Holy Thai Basil growing (and well marked) in her garden next summer.

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