Gifts for Foodies

I doubt that any of us have problems buying gifts for our foodie friends.   If you are like I me, you just buy them what you are dying to receive.   Foodies are easy.

But, if you are having some problems getting inspired, here are some ideas that I hope will help.

Uncommon Goods has some great foodie gifts like molecular gastronomy, cocktail gastronomy,  homemade gin, and homemade cheeses kits.   The most unusual is the Texas Chipotle Amber Beer Brewing Kit.  Most of these foodie kits are under $50.




What about the “I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie” T-shirt?  (Now, I have a brother-in-law who needs this.)



Most interesting gift?   The Ramen Spork inspired by the Museum of Modern Art.




Don’t know what to make for dinner?  Just gamble and roll the  Recipe Dice.   How cute and fun is this?

recipe dice


These are all fun and cool, but gifts that are practical just make sense.

Cool Biscuit Cutters
I could really use these if anyone needs ideas!

biscuit cutters

Mini Measuring Cup
This is one of the most useful items I have.   I love it and it is a cheap gift—under $4!


Mini Rubber Spatulas
Again, I love these little things, too.

mini spatula

Mini Silicon Pinch Prep Bowls
What is my deal with mini things?

mini bowls

Send some great and unusual spices from Season with Spice. (I was alerted to this cool idea from MJ’s Kitchen.)

logo (1)


Finally, seek out your own  local foodie shops.   If you are in the Tulsa area, you can go to the following shops for foodie gifting inspiration.

The Cook’s Nook
This is a brand spankin’ new shop.

The Stock Pot
If you need any restaurant supplies, cool foodie gadgets, or even a cooking class or two, they have it!

LaDonna’s Fancy Foods
Handpicked gourmet cheeses?   Check.   Made in Oklahoma products?  Check.   Custom made gift baskets?   Check.

I just love to browse here.   They have all sorts of spice mixes that anyone on your list would LOVE.

High Gravity
Besides beer and wine making supplies, they also carry cheese making supplies and cheese kits.   (They have a cool bird, too.)

Coffees, teas, spices, more wine making supplies, kitchen gadgets…you never know what you will find in this shop on Brookside.

Whole Foods
I am so excited…we now have two locations.

Akins Natural Foods Market
Just think outside the box.   There are lots of teas, coffees, books, sweets, etc.

Petty’s Fine Foods
Gift baskets galore and specialty foods along with a regular grocery store found in Utica Square.

Euro Mart
According to a recent article on our local paper, you can find “Swedish lingonberries, Hungarian cherries, Russian black caviar, Georgian spices, Russian teas, German coffee, British Christmas pudding, Turkish candy, German spaetzle, Kvas Taras (a root beer-like soft drink from the Ukraine) and cheeses from Bulgaria, Greece, Austria, Lithuania, France and Spain.”   And, they make some great deli sandwiches.

Las Americas Super Mercado
This grocery store is a great place with an awesome restaurant as well.

Don’t forget other ethnic markets.  You can find the most unusual gifts (and cheap)!



Just remember, I have been more nice than naughty this year so if anyone needs a gift for the EE clan, feel free to browse above!  LOL




6 comments to Gifts for Foodies

  • kitchenriffs

    Great post! I agree foodies are easy to give gifts to. We have some of those mini measuring cups – they’re wonderful! Love the biscuit cutters – we have some metal ones, and I couldn’t live without them (although oddly enough I seem to use them for everything except biscuits!). Fun post – thanks.

    • I can never find a biscuit cutter when I need one and I generally use a jar lid rim. I really am coveting these graduated-sized ones. I am thinking at least I could find one! LOL

  • I love those recipe dice but I have a feeling I might cheat sometimes. 😉

  • I especially love all of those mini gifts, especially the mini-measuring cup. I want one! Thanks for the shout out for me and SwS! Headed to check out all of those other businesses. Great post!