Limoncello Jelly

Only a few more posts to go until Christmas and the end of the Jelly of the Month Club bonanza. The feature jelly for today is Limoncello. . . . → Read More: Limoncello Jelly

Aleppo-White Zinfandel Jelly

We’re halfway through the Jelly of the Month Club holiday bonanza. Check out today’s spicy (and boozy) offering: Aleppo-White Zinfandel Jelly. . . . → Read More: Aleppo-White Zinfandel Jelly

Bloody Mary Jam (for Jelly of the Month Club)

Jellies and jams make surprisingly easy gifts to whip up for the holidays. This is the fourth installment in a twelve part December themed event. Do you love a good Bloody Mary at brunch? Then you’ll love this jam. . . . → Read More: Bloody Mary Jam (for Jelly of the Month Club)

Spiced Merlot Jelly

Do you love a nice mug of mulled wine during the holidays? If so, you will adore today’s featured jelly for “Jelly of the Month Club”! (P.S. Try this with peanut butter.) . . . → Read More: Spiced Merlot Jelly

Zombie Marmalade

For my second installment of December’s “Jelly of the Month Club,” here’s a colorful and festive marmalade PLUS a quick and easy cocktail recipe. Cheers! . . . → Read More: Zombie Marmalade

Jelly of the Month Club (What a bonus!)

Who would not love a membership to “Jelly of the Month Club”? Clark Griswold for one. Join me for my December 2019 Theme announcement plus this month’s Food ‘n Flix post. Here’s a recipe for the first installment: Mead Jelly. . . . → Read More: Jelly of the Month Club (What a bonus!)

“In My Kitchen” January 2019

I’m not sure we were this good in 2018 but we got a lot of wonderful homemade and kitchen swag under the tree and in our stockings. . . . → Read More: “In My Kitchen” January 2019

Books for Foodies: Some Fiction

I am continuing my book-gift-giving-theme with some foodie fiction. . . . → Read More: Books for Foodies: Some Fiction

Handcrafted Baileys Irish Cream

What a perfect recipe to celebrate December’s C.L.U.E. You will not believe how easy this recipe is to whip up for festive gifts. . . . → Read More: Handcrafted Baileys Irish Cream

Elixirs for Xmas: Amaretto

Who knew you could make your own Amaretto? I certainly didn’t.

I was struggling for some more Christmas posts and pulled an old cookbook from my library: Gifts from the Kitchen.

Mom had a similar book (back in the day) I loved to go through and dream of all the gifts I would make when . . . → Read More: Elixirs for Xmas: Amaretto